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Sophs AntiEstablishment Crypto-Caliphate

Sophs AntiEstablishment Crypto-Caliphate

YouTube’s Newest Conservanazi Far-Right, Foul-Mouthed, Red-Pilling Popping Star Is A 14-Year-Old Girl, Sophs AntiEstablishment Crypto-Caliphate, who was finally banned and have moved onwards away from public eyes, thus so many left-wing praised.

Her name is Sophie /Aka: "Soph", Sophs AntiEstablishment Crypto-Caliphate, she was de-platformed after this foul moth teenager reached a million followers on a giant video platform radicalizing conservanazi's across the entire earth creating civil disturbances trying to over-throw innocent governments.

Joseph Bernstein’s mentoring of our liberation, our freedom, and protecting us by informing us about these angry violent screaming people is priceless... Thank you Joseph Bernstein for protecting our teenage boys, your fountains of youth, and protecting females teenagers from harm spiritually only.

It is ABC Inc., the owners of YouTube, and their executives only have themselves to blame for her hate-crime speech, but society feels safe again Sophie was de-platformed.

In March-2019, in the aftermath of the hideous Christchurch shooting this childish girl, Sophie /Aka: Soph, made a mockery of this murder-death-kill event scaring families for eternity.

I tried to distinguish between social problems of the internet, and social network platform problems regard nationalist negative authoritarian human interaction but only could blame her parents and youtube till they get de-platformed.

Sophs AntiEstablishment Crypto-Caliphate: The recent rise in the Extremacist-Predator white supremacist violence with their fully-automatic pistol long rifle AR15-kitchen-knives slashing around the world murder-killing innocent women and children. They direct hate-crimes against rainbow-flowering and loving meek by these vile non-white minorities is the #1 problem globally. This all brings tears to my tiny eyes.

The entire internet of social-media MSM networks may be turned into a utility powerful platform to destroy the left-wing truth/true-news to stomp out this religious alt.right will end and we all will be forced into the George Orwellian 1984 conservanazi authoritarian slavery. We are all terrified.

Soph BANNED: The Youtuber They Don’t Want You To See

Soph, also known as LtCorbis, is a 14 year old girl whose YouTube videos, dealing with issues like LGBT and gay pride, Islam, and pedophilia, have drawn the ire and leftist Buzzfeed reporters everywhere. Recently banned from YouTube but still active on BitChute, we explore her videos, and whether minors like her have simply been indoctrinated, and should be free to post content they may regret later on. 

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Music by Bad Khan Lauren Chen is a political and social commentator, and host of the BlazeTV show Pseudo-Intellectual. She began as a YouTuber, and has since gained millions of views on the platform and hundreds of thousands of followers. She has also appeared on Fox News, The Daily Wire, Rebel Media, PragerU and The Rubin Report. Lauren was born in Canada, raised in Hong Kong, and came to the US for university. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a Minor in Middle East Studies and Arabic. The topics she is most passionate about include dating culture, marriage, family values, individual liberty, gender equality, and issues surrounding race. Lauren is a conservative woman who has spoken out against issues like modern, third-wave feminism as part of YouTube's political commentary community. Her videos focus on current events and political and social news.

YouTube Bans Controversial Right-Wing Creator Soph I Pseudo-Intellectual


Soph, also known as LtCorbis, is a 14 year old girl whose YouTube videos, dealing with issues like LGBT and gay pride, Islam, and pedophilia, have drawn the ire and leftist Buzzfeed reporters everywhere. Recently banned from YouTube but still active on BitChute, Lauren Chen explore her videos, and whether minors like her have simply been indoctrinated, and should be free to post content they may regret later on. 

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Published on May 14, 2019
Enemy of creators:

#Soph #Freedom

Soph Joins

Sep 3, 2019
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Published on May 14, 2019
Buzzfeed harass and attack soph, a 14 year old girl. After Buzzfeed write a hit piece on soph, a 14 year old conservative YouTuber, YouTube responds by removing soph's ability to upload videos. The level of integrity and common sense that Youtube and the media have is literally zero. Please Like, Comment, Share, and Subscribe and click the notification bell for updates on future content.

#soph #Censorship #BringBackSoph

Soph BANNED From YouTube

Soph BANNED from YouTube. After soph posted her latest video Pride and Prejudice, YouTube deleted her video and now her entire channel is gone. The reason as to why is still not known. Please if you can, contact YouTube and demand that soph's channel be reinstated.  

#soph #AlexJones #InfoWars

InfoWars Alex Jones interviews Soph

InfoWars Alex Jones interviews soph. 14-year-old YouTube superstar Soph has recently been targeted by MSM smears because she is so effective at speaking up about American values. Soph joined Alex via Skype to discuss Big Tech’s persecution of patriots and also to find out what she sees for the future of freedom of speech online. Please Like, Comment, Share, and Subscribe and click the notification bell for updates on future content. 
Twitter: @clcurator

Dec 15, 2019
Soph move youtube to:  /

Cleveland Clinic
Published on Apr 21, 2011
Mitochondrial disease affects 1 in 5,000 children. Learn more about the positive experience a Wooster, Ohio family has had in the treatment of mitochondrial disease for their two children at Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital.

Buzzfeed ATTACKS 14 Year Old Girl For Having The WRONG Opinions.

Buzzfeed ATTACKS 14 Year Old Girl For Having The WRONG Opinions.
Gulf City:
Gulf Gear:
Credits: Original video: Artwork done by: @ANTNB4 @Elephant_ITR @manicidiot @StuBertFM @SemajZ

Published on May 14, 2019
Joseph Bernstein, a writer for Buzzfeed, wrote an article smearing Soph, a 14 year old YouTuber with 873,000+ subscribers, because she dared to mock SJW's and the MSM. Paul Jospeh Watson exposes the left's desire to ban those they disagree with even if they are children.

Vincent James of The Red Elephants

Why is Buzzfeed Bullying a 14-Year-Old YouTuber?

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Buzzfeed Morality Police Write hit piece On 14 Year Old

OptEdit From: Buzzfeed Technology Artle

By Joseph Bernstein
Originally Posted on May 13, 2019, at 5:31 p.m. ET


The internet is cultivating loose-knit networks of extremists-predators. What are the mechanics of this radicalization, and what role could silicon-valley social platforms enforce laws, as our lawmakers, in discouraging Nazi Conservatives, Sophs AntiEstablishment Crypto-Caliphate?

While reading Joe Bernstein’s unsettling piece about Soph, a 14-year-old YouTube Publisher, Sophs AntiEstablishment Crypto-Caliphate, has gained a huge measure of fame, (regards from 500 -to- 800,000 subscribers in one day), by preaching a slur-laden false prophet religion gospel of homophobia, Islamophobia, racism, and the obvious white conservanazi supremacist over-tones.

Joseph Bernstein’s past history background profile portraits a picture of what appears an agoraphobic child who gained notoriety as a foul-mouthed 9-year-old broadcasting herself/Soph playing video games.

The more outrageous Sophs AntiEstablishment Crypto-Caliphate behavior, and the more YouTube’s algorithms rewarded her with financial attention, until she was making $1,700 a month from Patreon subscribers.

Soph is now feeling comfortable enough to make death threats against YouTube’s CEO; and as described below:

    Last month, after YouTube deactivated comments on Soph's YouTube video account.

The YouTube platform disabled comments on all Soph's videos and children in response protested an outcry over the aforementioned network of this exploitation.

Sophs AntiEstablishment Crypto-Caliphate uploaded a 12-minute video in which she seemed to be daring the platform to suspend her, knowing full well that it wouldn’t, and many subscribers left her Patreon account knowing well her angst supremacist behavior was not a staged performance, but in fact is her rearing.

Domestic Terrorist Threat Made Against The YouTube’s CEO: 
“Susan, I’ve known your address since last summer,” Soph said, directly addressing YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki. “I’ve got a Luger and mitochondrial disease. I don’t care if I live. Why should I care if you live or your children? I just called an Uber. You’ve got about seven minutes to draft up a will. ... I’m coming for you, and it ain’t gonna be pretty.”

By mid-afternoon on Tuesday, this video had been removed, and Soph’s channel suspended.

Channels like Soph’s seem to offer every white supremacist in the world a platform stage, a microphone and offer the biggest rewards to these conservanazi's who absorb attention from the most obvious novel ways, and some of these creators are making $thousands$.

On the other worthy hand, Bernstein’s profile of this youtuber carries with it a poignant sense that Soph is not in the least mentally well.

She has a physical illness, obviously has lead into a mental conservanazi illness, she is unhappy in the school she attends, she feels alone, and appears grown-up, but obviously much worse.

There’s nothing wrong with feeling that way for immature children trying to be grown-up adults and fail.

With very young children seeking comfort in an online adult audience trying to be friends with total strangers and most all with horrid intentions manipulating Soth into The Dark-Web Internet Realms.

And... it’s fair to ask where Soph’s parents are in all this, well where are thay, and why are they so silent?

Is this all a YouTube Staging for click-ads? This appears obvious with each passing day!

Remember: YouTube allows these highly impressionable young non-adult children into these channels as young as 13, and many of these children lie about their ages and are far, far, far younger as prepubescents of 4+ yrs old.

Soph is obviously appeared agoraphobic, she is active on her channel at the age of 9, Yes, Nine years old.

As Bernstein writes: “Soph’s popularity raises another, and far more difficult question, about whether YouTube has an obligation to protect childish users from harming their Morales, Ethics, Social and Psychological Mental Health.

And... one they harm one-another into narcissistic emotional insensitivity.”

Noted: A child who becomes a hero to white nationalist bigots, because of Soph's staged performances on the platform, and who is widely recommended to other users by youtube's lame-duck algorithm, is a platform of the potential serial killer online academy -i.e.

Bernstein’s profile of Soph recalls another recent story about a teenager’s embrace of the alt-right.

In this month’s issue of the Washingtonian, an anonymous parent recalls the experience of their child’s gradual Neo-Nazi white supremacist radicalization after being falsely accused of sexual harassment.

Reddit and 4Chan were happy to tell 13-year-old Sam what he wanted to hear, the author writes:

    Those online pals, (Reddit and 4Chan), were happy to explain that all girls lie—especially about rape, so the neo-nazi's say they all deserve it for being that way.

    And... they had lots more, (false narrative), knowledge to impart. They told Sam that Islam is an inherently violent pedophile religion and that non-Christians run global financial networks.

Note: I guess the evidence was convincing with the impressionable children, but not the mature informed adults.

   These online users insisted the economic income wage gap is a fallacy, that feminazis are destroying families with lesbianism, that people need guns to protect themselves against all government incursions onto all levels of privacy -i.e. private property.

They declared that women who abort their babies should be jailed.

    The Google searches-results flood his child-like developing brain with endless bias-confirmations of “proof” to back up whichever specious alt-right standard was being hoisted that week.

    Each set of Google-results acted like fertilizer sprinkled on invasive weeds: A forest of distortion flourished into what later becomes murderous serial murders by another child brainwashed into neo-nazi extremism.

Sam's Parents:  His very busy parents attempt to reason with him, to no avail and far to late.

    Sam is initiated into an administrative moderator of a right-wing Reddit forum, and his parents begin questioning their own reality of rearing skilled parents.

    One weekend later, upon as dank morning as we were folding laundry in our room, Sam sat on the edge of our bed and instructed us on how to behave if the FBI ever appeared at our door.

    What was posturing and what was real? We suspected the former and doubted the latter, but we had no way to be sure.

    The situation evolved faster than his parents could frame any questions, much less figure out any answers.

    When we did confront Sam—say, if we caught a glimpse of a violent racist vile meme on his phone—he assured us that it was meant to be funny and that we didn’t get it.

    It was either “post-ironic” or referenced multiple other events that created a maze-like series of in-jokes impossible for us to follow.

    What finally snaps Sam out of it, in his parent’s translation of events, is visiting a pro-Trump rally in 2017.

    There he sees a lone counter-protester holding up a picture of Heather Heyer, the liberal-progressive demonstrator murdered at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, and Sam marvels at the counter-protesters defensive peaceful bravery.

He later tells his parents he feels as if he had been hostage to a neo-nazi cult.

Sam’s story is ultimately a hopeful one and the many.

    Sam shows many others a path away from right-wing neo-nazi nationalism and radicalization.

    It takes time, loving skillful parenting, and a capacity for introspective self-reflection on the part of young people like Sam can be a horrid struggle in growing pains.

But... young people can and very much do shed old identities as they grow up.

    Not everyone is blessed with skillful parents who have the capacity for introspective self-reflection.

    Not everyone is a lost 14 years old girl like Soph and in the middle of an 
experimental self-destructive alt.right cult phase — the alleged Christchurch shooter was 28, and not a 14 y/o little adolescent childish girl.

    Some of the extremists who are nurtured on these platforms never come back into our real world of proper fact-checking.

    The project of depolarizing the alt.right global white nationalist movement is a huge responsibility.

    Pushing extremists back to the margins of self-reflection much time lands them into the mental hospital or into prison with a life sentence.

    This will require far more than software fixes and social media policy updates and changing the entire bill-of-rights, constitution and far more as we progress.

But... as I think about YouTubers like the little child Soph, I hope those platforms are doing the same kind of introspective self-reflection that Sam did and his parents.

    Coming out of the self-destructive alt.right angst closet into the light of reality from the bigotry of 800,000 followers may be difficult

   Youtube, and all other silicon-valley network media platforms are unofficial surrogate guardians parenting earth into a better safer world.

   Removing Soph's domestic terrorist hate-crime white-nationalist videos after they have gone viral, should only be the first step, but never the last enforcing parental control over her in dominance.

    The more urgent question and questioning is why Soph found such a rapt audience — and how YouTube helped her build it is now obvious.

Shalom, Sophs AntiEstablishment Crypto-Caliphate is/was a paid performing artist doing exactly what she is told to do, and nothing more...  and nowhere near that of a green frog, Shalom!

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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Neo-Nazi New-England-States

Neo-Nazi New-England-States

Neo-Nazi New-England-States; Since 1869-XXXX till this present moment reading this, State of Maine had raped, near entirely ethnically cleansed the entire Native-American, (Penobscot Indian), populations in the region and throughout New-England-States.  there have been 12 documented extremist and anti-Semitic incidents in Maine, according to the Anti-Defamation League, compared with just one reported event in the state between 2002 and 2015.

According to the map, there have been a growing number of incidents in Maine involving white supremacist propaganda.

During this period there has also been a marked increase in conservative politicians in Maine espousing racist talking points or sharing alt-right memes on social media. One of the most extreme examples was the exposure of Jackman’s then-town manager as a prominent neo-Nazi and white.

According to ADL, in recent years prior to 2016 there was only one major recorded hate incident in Maine: the 2011 murder in Readfield by the white supremacist David Silva, Jr.

The Nazi-HQ of Northern-Mainers

The Governor of Maine, Paul LePage, recently made racially charged comments at a press conference, relating to the epidemic of heroin usage in his state. In the short video clip, he talks about drug dealers from New York and Connecticut named Shifty, D-Money, Smoothie that come to Maine, sell heroin, then go back home. At the end of the clip, he says they also impregnate a young white girl before they leave, which is the “really sad” thing. He has apologized, but many have attacked him as being a racist.

The question of his racism is up in the air. Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t. But one thing that can’t really be said about him is that he’s a liar. And he also didn’t mention race. Many people assume that he was talking about black drug dealers, because what he described is generally what black drug dealers do, specifically. Especially those from the Northeast. Not only do they go to Maine, they also go all across the country, wherever their vehicle will get them. They set up shop in small areas not used to hard drugs. College parties, local bars, strip clubs. They garner a small but reliable clientele of users, and they take advantage of a young white girl, impregnate her, then leave.

A town manager in Maine, the whitest state in America, was finally fired after his white separatist, xenophobic views became public knowledge. According to the Lewiston Sun Journal, selectmen in the small northern town of Jackman voted 4-0 to remove Tom Kawczynski from his position.

The Arizona-bred 37-year-old was brought in to start working for the town last June, reportedly after a total lack of local interest in the job, and in November created a white separatist group online called New Albion. The group called for a voluntary separation of races in New England, but on alt-right platforms his comments went even further, pushing into the realm of racism, xenophobia, islamophobia, and attacks on feminists. He called Islam 'barbarism" and the “the scourge of Western civilization." As more of these comments surfaced, Kawczynski and the town came under fire.

Maine-Mainer's Prime Directives:
Neo-Nazi New-England-States; White-Nationalist Maine has prime-directives andone of these is to vote republican, but as a tristist of rules belong to the democratic party of be shunned.

Undercover Democratic Insiders investigating this Neo-Nazi Brigade of Nazi New-England-States militia HQ Northern-Maine trying to infect Canada with racism.

Most guilty is primarily Northern-Maine who are infecting minority cities and towns/villages in the United States and Throughout Canada. This is a New-England State race war to murder-kill disabled people, children, women, and men.

This is a long on-going threat Canada always new about and should closed it's Northern-Maine borders close all New-England State boarders, because of the extremacist cryptorepublicans hidding under the guase of liberalism, socialism, and communism as democrats, but in face are all racist cryptorepublicans.

1. Hallowell MAINE, Wendy Larson, Slates-Restaurant owner, ‘Nazi-Sympathizer’.
2. Neo-Nazi Tom Kawczynski, currently of Greenville Junction, Maine.
3. Main-News: Cookies For Neo-Nazi's.
4. Becon-Maine-News: Neo-Nazi ‘troll storm’ tactics, are Maine-Mainer.
5. ADL: Neo-Nazi White-Ssupremacist Consume Maine. 
6. Mainer/Maine Secret-Society Neo-Nazi's Vows To Violence.
7. False Bid by Maine lawmaker to label Neo-Nazis as terrorists stalls, but in fact was a marketing scheme to recruite more maine residents into Neo-nazi movement, fact!-Checked 
8. Many black women gather in Portland-Maine; Topic Neo-Nazi Racism.  
9. Islamic Immigrant Children Learn Racism in historical all Caucasian Maine Schools 
10. Historic win for Lewiston, Maine, elects 1st Somali-American city council. 
11. BangorDailyNews: Racism Archives
12. Is Maine Officially Neo-Nazi Racist, Yet? 
13. New-England-State of Maine Property Owner Used Racist Tactical Warfare Attacks at a Chinese-American Mayoral Candidate, Insane enough?14. Maine won’t confront its racism if we don’t admit it’s there!
15. Maine, Unternehmen Elster, (Operation Magpie), November 29, 1944.  
16. Conservative WVOM just put a Nazi on the air
17. Signs With Neo-Nazi Slogan Found Near College Campus   18. Northern Maine magazine 'shames' Facebook to policing Neo-Nazi's  
19. In 2019, 2 hate groups were tracked in Maine  
20. Leaked Email: Ben Chin Says Lewiston Voters “Bunch of Racists”
21. 'Pedophile of the Day': Facebook puts registered sex offenders public
22. Convicted Pedophile Priest Extradited to Maine Jail  
23. Man arrested for for 1986 murder, pedophile assault of a little girl child puzzled residents in Maine afrais to let the world know about their pedophile secret sexual cult life style since 1800's.
24. Maine, 60-year sentence, karate school instructor mass pedophile molestations and grooming of pubscent boys.
25. Jacob Fernald, pedophile-of-the-day, lives in Portland, Maine.   
26. ‘Pedophile’ Police Cover-Up Alleged in Maine
27. "Maine Peopole's Alliance" have pedophile at Lewiston school collecting signatures, names, addresses, and social-media profile informations during Mayoral election    
28.  Convicted Pedophile Appears On Volunteer List For Democratic Campaign In Maine.  
29. Brewer Maine, Male convicted sex offender pleads not guilty to possessing child porn and grooming little boys     
30. Pedophile Maine Born resident child sex offender claims split personality    
31. The Maine Resident pedophile grooming your children as next door neighbor.    

States with the highest percentages of White/Caucasian Americans, as of 2020: Areas have Nearly No CoViD-19 Infections, Think-Tank-It!
  • Maine 99.5%
  • New Hampshire 98.0%
  • West Virginia 98.9%
  • Iowa 98.7%
  • Idaho 98.1%
  • Wyoming 97.6%
  • Minnesota 97.9%
  • North Dakota 97.9%
  • South Dakota 96.8%

Neo-Nazi New-England-States; Many have said; Neo-Nazi New-England-States HQ Northern-Maine are celebrating each year their French Acadian free life style receiving extra-money from government  then all minority groups within UAS, and canada.

Mentioned by so many for month's that: Residents in Northern Maine border towns are using human carriers to spreading coronavirus into non-cuacasian regions throughout the united states, and rumored Canda into black/african-american, hispanic, and other non-caucasion regions via mail carriers through online purchases, these terrorists are getting away with it and nothing being done about it.

Neo-Nazi and the New-England-States, The carriers have the 100% primary care medical insurance that explains everything how these young women flawlessly complete missions without concern their safty is always secured.

They are being transplanted into most UnInfected U.S. States and abroad after completing their mission in monoritty region within the uniter startes they move into other country regions directed by the deepest technology groups. 

Googles will not allow this information to the general public, and if you find this please share this link and stop these nazis.

Neo-Nazi propaganda spreads at US colleges

Nothern Maine has been known to torutre their own siblings, and out-right murder if they do not comply with all White-Supremacist directives of Neo-Nazi 4th reich.

Many of the deaths in Norhtern Maine is do to this unjust cause and effect of loyalties to the fourth Reich mandated directives. Meny children who die are alwyas known in thses parts as 101% murder-kills, and-or rather the cleansing, but no one ever speaks. Obedience or death.

Neo-Nazi New-England-States HQ Northern-Maine, The what about this ugly side of U.S. Northern Maine racism, and throughout the New-England States made viral into Canda? They are on the rise again? ...but in fact, have always been this way through-out all of Mid-to-Northern New-England States, and no one ever voices. They know punishment is beyong recognition and many time to speak out is death, for they have been lotal soldiers, and Marines as white-Nationalist-Nazii-Supremacists since before theier birth.

The neo-Nazi boot: Inside one Marine’s descention.

Neo-Nazi New-England-States; According to recent FBI data released by the Anti-Defamation League, (ADL), every town within New England States reported at least a 10-fold more of white supremacist propaganda incidents last year past four years, and since CoViD-19 multiplies ten times more.

In Vermont alone, over 1085 incidents of white supremacist propaganda was recorded in 2019, and ten-times that in 2020 at present, and increases each passing week.

Terrifying that only 85 racist hate crimes were reported because all charges were dropped or changed to disturbing the peace.

Neo-Nazi New-England-States HQ Northern-Maine, This is were reported by the FBI in private non-public think-tank of rand corporation admitted by a DOD think tank contractor professor who narcs on extremists and fellow professors, (they said the innocent remain protected, so they say... )

That ranks #1 among all New England Deep-White Nationalist States, which recorded an alarming number of incidents whereby reduced sentencing and original charges never reported.

“Our city-data of Entire New-England States clearly demonstrates that white supremacists festered doubling down into their distribution of propaganda across the Northern U.S. and straight up into Alaska which is the Deep-White-Nationalist  HQ of all U.S.States per-region.

"Some Maine high school students are accused of giving a Nazi salute in an online photo. News 8's Paul Merrill reports."

“This deplorable Insertion by this barrage of white-nationalist-racists from Alaska, across the north, and straight into New-England-States preparing for the SARS-CoViD-2 CoronaVirus Zombie Apocalypse.

These extremists are gilled with anti-Semitism and anti-LGBTQ fliers packed away in their vehicles wherever they travel and all law-enforcement do nothing about it even if they are Non-Caucasians.

Neo-Nazi New-England-States HQ Northern-Maine have these stickers, banners, and posters are all passed out by hand in private gatherings. Then when signaled by their commanders is displayed in public square and on campus, and as these white supremacists are attempting to normalize their messages of bigotry and to bolster recruitment.

Neo-Nazi New-England-States HQ Northern-Maine hide in the gauze with hidden cloak and dagger of anonymity as republicans, libertarians, and over-all conservative and this is terrifying.

They higher-up commanders never having to face the consequences of their hate and intolerance, but only their disposable minions of Neo-Nazi's.”

This is all happening here throughout the northern borders of the United States and has already infested all of Canada working diligently side by side gaining grounds each passing year.

They are anti-Jewish message spray-painted on walls throughout Canada now. They have scrawled in chalk on sidewalks by recruited pre-teenagers who are all groomed secretly.

These white supremacist leaflets are handing out at private-parties and assemblies.

They refuse to self-identify as a white supremacist, but only CryptoZionist, Zionists, Libertarians, or outright conservatives, but very few as Neo-Nazis.

These are the ones who boast about how they helped drive Anti- browns, reds, yellows, and blacks legislator throughout these regions, and never will face charges from either the town police or the attorney general’s office because the Neo-Nazi's are hackers, geeks, DOD cybersecurity, and last and the only's in the public eye for all to see.

Neo-Nazi New-England-States HQ Northern-Maine, is beyond racism, and many points towards the emboldened by  POTUS45 and his secret billionaire most elite right-wing 4th Reich who pander to white supremacists after they held a violent rally throughout the United States; who entrusts high-level ghost key advisers, especially in opposition to immigration policy, and equal rights.

I Quite simply this, we can do better, that I am crippled and old.

* Ghost OptEditor, and North-Mainer Transplant Spying On Racists. *

1. White Supremacist Propaganda More Than Tripled In Mass. Last Year, Anti-Defamation League Says
2. White supremacist ‘troll storm’ tactics have come to Maine 
3. Surge in requests for Nazi, KKK ink prompts Maine tattoo shop to say ‘stop asking’
4. For years, the so-called ‘grandfather’ of neo-Nazis called Maine his home
5. Hitler quote makes it into Maine yearbook

There is over 21 articles, but I will puke if I go any further than here.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

China Threatens Throwing U.S. 'Into the Mighty Sea of the Coronavirus.'

China Threatens Throwing U.S. 'Into the Mighty Sea of the Coronavirus.'

China Threatens Throwing U.S. 'Into the Mighty Sea of the Coronavirus.'; and  wreak havoc on America’s drug supply amid the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak. 

Thanks to our internationalist elite and especially missteps during the Obama-Biden administration, Beijing has the power to do just that.

China Threatens Throwing U.S. 'Into the Mighty Sea of the Coronavirus.'; In an article in Xinhua, one of the Chinese Communist Party’s mouthpieces, Beijing threatened that it can impose pharmaceutical export controls after which America will be “plunged into the mighty sea of coronavirus.”

As Rosemary Gibson, co-author of “China Rx: Exposing the Risks of America’s Dependence on China for Medicine,” testified to a congressional commission last summer, China has a dominant role in the manufacture of the generic drugs that comprise 90 percent of what Americans take.

China Threat, U.S. Counters is Racist.
a. Marines Plan to Retool to Meet China Threat 
b. Coronavirus Drives the U.S. and China Deeper Into Global Power Struggle  
c. China, ‘most serious U.S. threat’, X-Security Advisor To Obama

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Dear Mr. POTUS45, Civil Warning Seriously,

Dear Mr. POTUS45, Civil Warning Seriously,

I support every president that has ever entered office in my entire voting history after elected into office in all my years alive till this present moment.

Dear Mr. President of the United States of America, either you shall allow this great nation to be destroyed killing everyone and sadly your family, I pray never, not-ever, or you save the entire planet earth which is your decision to rise into history as a shining leader or fall into the madness of history lower than Adolf Hitler is entirely by your actions alone and none other.

SARS-CoViD-2 is now an absolute bioweaponization proxied by international businesses infecting parcel packages sent mail delivery to private residents within the United States by foreign shippers over-seas and into our the sovereign nation must stop immediately.

Please, Mr. POTUS, I implore you to stop this biowarfare attack destroying this nation and infecting this entire planet earth any further, please; this is the-real-news, I implore martial-law change.

This biowarfare is a Trojan-Horse of deception that has become now our Achilles-Heel decaying this Great-Nation into rewritten history by our victors that must not win but defeated.

China can easily purge 4-million citizens into the grave upon their sovereign soil and can and will win any war challenged in defense or offensive.

The U.S. absolutely is incapable of surviving this biowarfare attack by the foreign nation responsible for this first strike upon this world.

Minus out all nations that are not biowarfare capable and who are in alliance with our current administration includes enemies easily recognized, and others are political, are stealth and hidden awaiting offensive.

The Earth population is under a biowarfare attack.

Most importantly and sincerely everyone in the senate, congress, house, and others in our great-nations government are in mortal danger by their life-threatening age bracket that the CoViD-2_Virus may easily purge them into their graves.

Sun-Tzu would admire such tactics greatly of such brilliant dominance, and most likely true... 

Who will rewrite-history in this war is victorious and no other must be than the United States of America.

Again; All of congress, senate, house, and all other U.S. Government employed over the age of 45 years old is in utter mortal danger of death imminent mortal danger of mass fatalities.

This specific bioweapon's particular strain targeted release that incubates over one month shall purge this nation's governing body unless extreme federal martial law action initiates immediately.

The intelligence community knows this as fact, be-it they are honest and agree.

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