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Monday, April 1, 2019

2019: Stepehen Lee Masten Jr.,, age 36, Aryan Terror Brigade-(ATB), "Church of the Creator"-(COTC), Pt-#1

--> --> Once upon a time these two Aryan white-supremacist racist nationalist NeoNazi's were comrades, brothers in arms within the Aryan Terror Brigade, (ATB), a white supremacist group HQ based in Northeast Philadelphia.
Stephen Lee Masten Jr., Hales Hitler To the World.

Northeast Philadelphia is a predominately white populated region of the Philadelphia-City Area, but hate devoured one of the Aryan residents, (Mr. Stephen Lee Masten Jr., into an irrational madness of rage one day.

Mr. Masten's Aryan Brother, (David Phillips) whom he gouged his eyes right out of their sockets dangling from his skull, bleeding and left for dead.

Keystone State “Skinheads” associate Joe Phy, left, with Phillips. This picture was taken before the assault.

On the night of May 6-(Sunday), 2012, Masten and fellow white supremacist Frank Casiano broke into Phillips' house on Shisler Street in the Northeast, and they both beat and threatened to kill him Mr. David Phillips. Frank Casiano then pinned down Phillips, (unable to move or break himself free), while Masten gouged out his eyes.

Mr. Stephen Lee Masten will now embrace life 83-years in prison for gouging out Mr. Phillips' eyes out of his skull, because Mr. Masten heard, (from his girl-friend, and wife at this time), that his wife was being sexually harassed and nearly molested by Mr. Phillips while he was in jail for shop-lifting; theft from a store..

The Philadelphia Common Pleas Court Judge Timika Lane in video above.

The Philadelphia Common Pleas Court Judge Timika Lane called the 33-year-old Masten a "threat to society who is extremely volatile, and aggressive" before sentencing Mr. Stephen Lee Masten to 41 years and ½ years to 83 years in prison for the 2012 lethal assault on Mr. David Phillips and for assaulting an ethnic black prison guard.

Judge Timika Lane noted Masten's history of moderate to severe mental illness throughout his childhood and how he was schooled in racism as a young boy child by his genetic father who took him into public residential mixed ethnic black communities "to assault various people of mixed ethnic color."

[Judge Timika Lane]: "What troubles me Stphen is that you spoke a lot about yourself continuously, but you did not ounce during your entire dialog apologize for your criminal actions leaving your Aryan brother David Phillips crippled and mortally blind for life," Judge Lane said.
"That says a lot about who you are Mr. Stephen Lee Masten and what you have present to my court about yourself to all these witnesses around you standing in judgement, besides myself."

Mr. Stephen Lee Masten, is a short 5’ 9”, stocky muscular nearing middle aged looking man whose body is heavily marked with supremacist white-racist tattoos. Stephen said that what happened was a byproduct of life in a violent and drug-saturated by his fathers friends and hate groups.

Mr Stephen Lee Masten Jr., when out on the town and been approached by ethnic blacks harassing them of their tattoos and a fight erupted, and Mr. Masten Jr., mentions he got the best of his attacker. We can only speculate what that means and we can only pray no one was killed.

"I'm still a human being," Mr. Masten said. "We, (Stephan Masten and Frank Casiano), were both involved in these criminal violent actions and things we shouldn't have been involved in."

"Every day Dave Phillips thinks about being blinded is a day I have to think about what I did," Mr. Masten said. "I don't expect Dave to forgive me."

Mr. David Phillips, 47 years old, tall, thin, and equally tattooed, made it clear that forgiveness was not possible for him as an Aryan.

"Whatever happens to Mr. Stephen Lee Masten, he will be able to see," Phillips told Lane. "He gave me a life sentence."

Mr. Stephen Lee Masten watched Mr. Phillips as his victim said, "I never did anything to you. How can a human being do something like this? You're not human."

This photo was take of Stephen Lee Masten  when he was arrested/booked in Bucks County, PA for RETAIL THEFT-TAKE MDSE.

Authorities said there had been bad blood between Phillips and Masten about a purported incident involving Phillips and Masten's girlfriend when Masten was in jail.

On the night of May 6-(Sunday), 2012, Stephen Masten and fellow white supremacist Frank Casiano broke into Phillips' house on Shisler Street in Northeast Philadelphia, and beaten and threatened to kill him. Casiano then pinned down Phillips while Masten gouged out his eyes.

Casiano, 32, pleaded guilty last April to aggravated assault, conspiracy, and burglary, and is serving 20 to 40 years.

Defense lawyer Andrew G. Gay Jr. argued for a sentence that gives Masten a hope of living outside prison.

Gay presented the Rev. Matthew Palkowski, a Catholic chaplain in the city prisons, who testified that since his arrest, Masten has befriended an African American inmate and helped an Ethiopian inmate who had trouble understanding English.

Palkowski said Masten has "taken a first step on the road to conversion and rehabilitation."

Assistant District Attorney Erica Rebstock argued that Masten's 17 citations for prison misconduct since his arrest showed that he was not rehabilitated.
An additional incident to which Masten pleaded guilty Monday was a Nov. 30, 2012, assault on a prison correctional officer. Rebstock said Masten yelled racist comments and spat at an officer in "an attempt to infect him with hepatitis."

Five weeks ago, Rebstock continued, Masten was cited after a homemade 81/2-inch weapon was found in his cell.
"He is not amenable to rehabilitation," Rebstock told the judge. "If he ever gets out, he will hurt, maim, or kill another person in Philadelphia."

2019: Stepehen Lee Masten Jr.,, age 36, Aryan Terror Brigade-(ATB), "Church of the Creator"-(COTC), Pt-#2

--> --> Reference Copy Post: Agent Claims Meth Dealer Scum is Member of COTC
« on: 14 January 2010 at 16:20 »
Post Origin http://www.omaha.com/article/20100108/NEWS01/701089917

Meth group busted; ‘Skin' got greedy
By Juan Perez Jr.



Call me “Skin,” Jason Hawthorne, (), said as he introduced himself in 2006 to an undercover agent at The Village Bar 5700 South and 77th St, Ralston, NE Philadelphia, 68127.
The full story of the ATF takedown of Jason Hawthorne and his fellow gang members will be on tonight's CBS Evening News with Katie Couric.
[Jason "Skin" Hawthorne]: - (https://www.cbsnews.com/news/dispatch-from-the-files-of-a-white-supremacist/)

Friends knew him by no other name than "Skin".

He boasted about white power, showed off his white supremacist-themed tattoos and "told the federal agent about his membership in what he called the Church of the Creator (COTC), a loose-knit, white-separatist organization". 

[COTC] - Ref-1: (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Church_of_the_Creator)
[COTC] - Ref-2: (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Creativity_(religion)
[COTC] - Ref-3: (http://www.historycommons.org/context.jsp?item=a1973klassen#a1973klassen)
[COTC] - Ref-4: (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ben_Klassen)

As the agent discovered over the next three boring years, the 36-year-old Hawthorne, who had a shaved head and a hulking frame, hoped to create havoc. He wanted to make money running guns and meth, and he wanted the help of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms' agent.

New details, culled from court documents and authorities, provide a deeper look into what feds called Operation Red Swastika — an undercover operation that authorities say disrupted a local methamphetamine and marijuana ring, led to the seizures of weapons and drugs and ended with federal indictments against Hawthorne and six cohorts from Omaha and Council Bluffs.

Some experts say the drug ring is part of a growing and disturbing trend: increased activity from small groups of white supremacists who thrive on criminal enterprise.

On Thursday, Hawthorne sat before a federal judge in U.S. District Court in Omaha and pleaded guilty to seven drug, conspiracy and weapons charges. It had been 11 months since federal agents and police SWAT teams arrested him outside a La Vista storage facility.

Hawthorne was the central figure in the investigation and the second defendant to plead guilty. Prosecutors said two more people are expected to plead guilty today. The remaining suspect is scheduled to face trial in 11 days.

Experts say such white supremacist groups forge bonds in prison, where inmates spread race-based ideologies and link with like-minded peers. When inmate members are released, they get involved in the drug and weapons trades, thefts and robberies.

“Ultimately, they are criminals,” said a national investigator for the Anti-Defamation League, who requested anonymity to protect his ability to examine extremist activity.

Mark Potok, director of the Southern Poverty Law Center's branch that investigates hate groups, said white supremacist criminals have been associated with identity theft, counterfeiting and violent crime.

“But methamphetamine production has come to be almost entirely dominated by white supremacists and their fellow travelers, which is a remarkable thing,” Potok said. “It's very clear that very many ideologically driven white supremacists are, in fact, engaged in criminal enterprises.”

Potok called supremacists' politics an “overlay” of their moneymaking motives.

“When it comes to business, they're happy to deal with minorities if they feel like that's going to make them money.”

One large, well-organized white supremacist ring — the Aryan Circle — got its start in the Texas prison system during the 1980s. It claims more than 1,000 members spread throughout other states' prisons and ties to organized crime in the outside world.

Hawthorne's group “is an embryonic form” compared with the Aryan Circle, the Anti-Defamation League investigator said, but it shared a similar path from prison to the streets.

Local and national authorities say they've seen an uptick in criminal enterprises with links to white supremacist groups.

“I think the past year has been a record year,” said Alan Potash, the director of the Anti-Defamation League's Plains States region.
Currently serving 40 years in prison because of lying Skinhead police informants.

Write to Reverend Masten in Prison
Rev. Stephen Masten #MK3933
Benner Township State Correctional Institution
301 Institution Dr, Bellefonte
Pennsylvania U.S.A. 16823
Email via Connect Network https://web.connectnetwork.com

Note: Emails sent to Reverend Masten through R.L. Forum will be redirected to the Church of Creativity Prison Ministries.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Reference: Neo-Nazi Supremacist Church of the Creator (COTC)

The Reference of:Neo-Nazi Supremacist World-Church-Of-The-Creator (WCOTC/COTC)

WikiPedia Ben Klassen Source Data

Bernhardt[1] (or Ben) Klassen February 20, 1918 (O.S. February 7, 1918) – August 6, 1993) was a self-described white separatist and racial purist American politician who was also a religious leader who founded the Church of the Creator with the publication of his book Nature's Eternal Religion in 1973.
At one point, Klassen was a Republican Florida state legislator, as well as a supporter of George Wallace's presidential campaign. In addition to his religious and political work, Klassen was an electrical engineer and he was also the inventor of a wall-mounted electric can-opener.[2][3][4]

2. Matt Hale:

Matt Hale spent years pumping out violent and aggressive propaganda, particularly once he became "Pontifex Maximus" of the World Church of the Creator, which for a time was one of the largest neo-Nazi groups in America.
Matthew F. Hale (aka: Matt Hale)

Matthew F. Hale (aka: Matt Hale).
Date-Of-Birth(DOB): July 27, 1971 (age 47)
Known Religion: Creativity
Nationality: American/U.S.Citizen
Possition in COTC: Senior posting
Period in office: 1996–2005
Successor: James Logsdon
Education: Bradley University (B.A.); Southern Illinois University Carbondale (J.D.)
Years active in COTC: 1983–2005
U.S. Citizen Criminal Profile: White supremacy, federal soliciting to murder conviction
Born Home Town: East Peoria, Illinois, United States
Matthew F. Hale's Birthing Parent(s): Russell Hale and Evelyn Hutcheson
Criminal Status: Incarcerated at United States Penitentiary, Florence ADX, prisoner number 15177-424
Matt Hale's Conviction(s): Soliciting an undercover FBI informant to kill Judge Joan Lefkow
Criminal Sentencing-Penalty: 40-year prison term
Correctional Facility Title: Pontifex Maximus

Source:  WikiPedia Matthew F. Hale, (aka: Matt Hale), Source Data:

Matthew F. "Matt" Hale (born July 27, 1971)[5] is an American white supremacist, neo-Nazi leader and a convicted felon.[6] Hale was the founder of the East Peoria, Illinois-based white separatist group then known as the World Church of the Creator (now called The Creativity Movement), and he declared himself its Pontifex Maximus (Latin for "highest priest") in continuation of the Church of the Creator organization founded by Ben Klassen in 1973.[7]  In 1998, Hale was barred from practicing law in Illinois by the state panel that evaluates the character and fitness of prospective lawyers. The panel stated that Hale's incitement of racial hatred, for the ultimate purpose of depriving selected groups of their legal rights, was blatantly immoral and rendered him unfit to be a lawyer.[8][9]  In 2005, Hale was sentenced to a 40-year federal prison term for encouraging an undercover FBI informant to kill federal judge Joan Lefkow.[7] He is currently serving his sentence at ADX Florence with a projected release date of December 6, 2037

About Matt Hale:

At the age of 11, Matt Hale realized he was a white supremacist. He would spend the next two decades involved in white nationalist and neo-Nazi groups while still living in his childhood bedroom. Hale spent years pumping out violent and aggressive propaganda, particularly once he became "Pontifex Maximus" of the World Church of the Creator, which for a time was one of the largest neo-Nazi groups in America. His beliefs inspired a killing spree by his follower and friend Ben Smith and led him to solicit the murder of a federal judge, which landed him a sentence of 40 years in prison in 2005. Since his imprisonment, the group he long led has been renamed The Creativity Movement and broken up into small remnants.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Deplorable Human Trafficking

Venezuelan Police Break International Child Trafficking Ring.

This global human trafficking networks operate in all countries, but one of it's hub's is in Venezuela. The Venezuela police, (willing to be interviewed), say their findings were the result from years of foreknowledge and “several weeks” of a single initiated investigation. Three young teenage children return home after an international child prostitution network was unraveled by Venezuelan authorities, as Government official, Special-Education Forces Agent St. Earnest told reporters Saturday.
Police rescued the three 15-year-old girls during an early morning raid at a hotel located along the Colombian border and six people allegedly connected to the trafficking ring were arrested, St. Earnest said. City official and United Socialist Party member, St. Earnest explained, "(The children) had been captured in San Cristóbal and were ready to be sold to a prostitution network in Colombia. According to their testimony, two of the girls were also allegedly raped for refusing to cooperate with their captors.
"This criminal act is unforgivable and continues to investigate and work tirelessly, to ensure the tranquility and safety of the Tachiren families," St. Earnest said. Among those being detained are Ambar Roa, a woman allegedly heading the organization as well as Yordyn Castillo, Jesus Contreras, Jorge Rivas, Kevin Parra and Amilcar Santos. At least two police officers were also linked to the trafficking operation and remain at large.
The network operated in Brazil, Colombia, and Venezuela and police say their findings were the result of “several weeks” of investigation pursuing various reports of missing girls. "This is just the tip of the iceberg," St. Earnest said, adding that contacts were established with the Colombian authorities to follow up the case on the other side of the border.

Venezuelan Police Found Heterosexual Child Trafficking Ring

The trafficking network operated in Brazil, Colombia, and Venezuela and police say their findings were the result of “several weeks” of investigation. ******************************************************* UCUTA, Colombia - On a recent humid evening in the Colombian border city of Cucuta, a Venezuelan woman wrapped her newborn daughter in a pale yellow blanket and left her with a note alongside a car parked near a stadium hosting a high school field day. "I don’t have the means to take care of her," she wrote on graph paper with a pink border of hearts, paw prints and flowers. "She is four days old and her name is Angela."
About an hour later, another woman, her son and a teenage friend emerged from the stadium and heard the baby crying. They traced the faint wail to the car, just as the driver was starting the engine, coming dangerously close to striking the child. "Stop!" They cried out. The woman picked the girl up from the ground, later telling police she could see ants climbing on the newborn’s body. Officers arrived within minutes and took the child to a nearby hospital. Doctors found the child’s umbilical cord had been well cut and clamped, indicating she had been born in a hospital.

But aside from the note, which said the mother was Venezuelan, there was nothing to identify the girl, who begins life in the midst of an exodus from Venezuela in which children are increasingly becoming the victims of abuse, malnutrition and even abandonment. "It’s sad the mother took this decision," said Maj. Amaury Aguilera, the officer overseeing the investigation. "To just simply, so coldly, abandon her."

August 2017, a 38 year old married Michigan mother of two was jailed for “up to 15 years for sleeping with two underage teenage boys.”
Mrs. “Brooke Lajiness shopped for children on popular social media app Snapchat “like groceries” and lured the young boys in with nude sexual photos.” 

As Venezuelans flee their country’s collapsing economy and an autocratic government in rising numbers, a grim toll is becoming evident among the youngest arrivals in Colombia: Children are sleeping on the streets, suffering from hunger and untreated infections, and sometimes being lured into sex work.

Yet another Female Pedophile Jessie Lorene Goline, age 25, admitted to committing sexual acts with multiple underage students. She was charged with 1st degree sexual assault.


More than 500 Venezuelan children have been taken into custody in Colombia, according to government documents. Police in Cucuta regularly turn at least one or two children a day over to the nation’s child welfare agency, where many are then placed in foster homes. At the city’s biggest soup kitchen, some parents have even tried to give their children away. Rosalba Navarro, a sister with Cucuta’s Roman Catholic archdiocese, says mothers on several occasions have begged her: "Please take them. I don’t have anywhere to keep them."

Faces of pedophiles. Linda Hardan pled guilty to oral sex with 14 and 16 year old students. Pedophiles look like this. Passaic County Prosecutors Office.

Over 1 million Venezuelans have fled across the porous border into Colombia in less than two years, many of them young children. A recent census found that of the estimated 442,500 Venezuelan migrants living in Colombia illegally, about a quarter are minors — 10 percent are 5 years old or younger. "It’s the young who are coming to the country," said Belen Villamizar, a lawyer working in Cucuta with Colombia’s child welfare agency. "They are the ones more likely to take the risk. And they come with children." The escalating influx is putting strain on an already stretched child welfare system in Colombia, where decades of war, poverty and social strife have rendered countless children the victims of abandonment, sex abuse and recruitment by illegal armed groups.

Faces of pedophiles. Jaclyn Melillo, convicted of sexual assault on 2 male high school students, sentenced to 4 years in state prison. Pedophiles look like this. Middlesex County Prosecutors Office.

Many Venezuelans have made long journeys by foot and bus when they reach Cucuta, a mountainous city where their homeland can easily be seen from its hilltops. They often have little more than a dollar in their pockets, if that, and several mouths to feed. In this June 27, 2018 photo, Venezuelan migrant children play on the floor of the unfurnished home their parents are renting and sharing for the last two years with another Venezuelan family in Cucuta, Colombia. Venezuelan migrant families

Faces of pedophiles. Elyse Cromwell, pled guilty to sex with a 14 year old male student. Pedophiles look like this.The Jersey Journal.

The result, police and welfare advocates say, has been a surge in the number of distressed parents lugging children along Cucuta’s smoggy, congested streets as they try to sell root beer or candy to pay for a roof over their heads. On a recent evening, Cucuta police found 17-year-old Eliusmar Guerrero selling lollipops with her 18-month-old daughter. Guerrero said she and her husband had been unable to pay for their room in an apartment for the last three days. With no relatives in Colombia to help her care for the child, she said she was left with no choice but to go out in the streets hoping to sell a few candies with her baby in tow. "We are going hungry here," she said, balancing her smiling, seemingly oblivious daughter on one hip before the glare of a flashing police light.123123123

Faces of the accused. Chong-Hwa Chang, a prison teacher, had sex with an inmate. Facebook.

In this June 26, 2018 photo, police attend 17-year-old Venezuelan Eliusmar Guerrero and her 1 ½-year-old daughter at a child welfare office where she can get food and a temporary place to sleep in Cucuta, Colombia. Guerrero said she… As officers transported Guerrero and her daughter to Cucuta’s child welfare offices, she embraced her daughter and began to weep. "I’m afraid they’ll take her from me," she said. In contrast to the United States, where more than 2,000 children were separated from their parents at the border with Mexico under the Trump administration’s zero-tolerance policy, Colombian officials say they are trying to keep newly arrived migrant families together while boosting the number of foster families available to step in at a moment’s notice when needed. Authorities decided to place Guerrero and her baby together in a foster home. "The nuclear family cannot be separated," said Ingrid Velez, a social worker with the Colombian Institute for Child Welfare. "Emotional bonds would be broken.

Faces of pedophiles. Fatima Grupico, high school history teacher, was charged with sexual assault on a 17 year old male. Pedophiles look like this. NJ.com.

Figures provided by the government show 502 Venezuelan children have been taken into custody since the start of 2017. Ninety-nine of them were determined to be the victims of negligence, while 80 had suffered sexual abuse. Dozens of others were determined to be homeless, physically abused or in a state of malnutrition by the time they reached child welfare officials. Still, for every child Colombian authorities take in, many more are out of view living in equally or more precarious conditions. Police in Cucuta said they had found only one instance of a minor involved in sex work, but in just one visit to a park known as a hub for prostitution, The Associated Press spoke with three Venezuelan girls who described starting to work as prostitutes there at ages 15 and 16. "I stood at that pole and began to work," one girl, now 18, said, pointing to a street lamp along the edge of the small, concrete city park.

Faces of pedophiles. Keri Ann Brekne, middle school teacher, pled guilty to aggravated sexual assault of a student. Pedophiles look like this. NJ.com.

Speaking on condition of anonymity in fear of retribution, the teen said she started sex work two years ago after migrating to Colombia and being unable to earn any money. She described the work as "revolting” and said she manages to mask her pain by taking “cripy,” a modified form of marijuana that contains higher levels of THC. "Can’t you see it in my eyes?" she asked, her dark brown eyes fixed in a numb haze. Cucuta is a city with one of Colombia’s highest unemployment rates in a region that is a hotbed for drug-related violence, and Venezuelan families that get stuck here often live 10 to a room in tenements with no beds that rent for $17 a week. A block from the church soup kitchen, 5-year-old Daniel Villegas shares a room with several extended relatives, his parents, and three siblings, including one with microcephaly. His father smuggles Venezuelan-made root beer across the border and sells crates for a little over a dollar each, giving the family barely enough money for food.

Faces of pedophiles. Mallory Christ, age 29, high school teacher charged with child endangerment, she sent 2 "inappropriate" pictures to a male student. NJ.com.

Venezuelan children are watched over by a few of their mothers while others work, inside a sparsely furnished home shared by about 10 people in Cucuta, Colombia. The escalating influx of Venezuelan migrant children is putting strain on an… Daniel, a thin, soft-spoken boy who wants to be a fisherman when he grows up, sleeps on a dirty mattress with two other boys. He said he dreams of the soup kitchen, where he gets to eat meat, a delicacy he went without for months in Venezuela. "It bothers me," he said shyly of the uncomfortable sleeping conditions. Then, pointing at his back he said, “This hurts.” Along the banks of the muddy Tachira River dividing Colombia and Venezuela, conditions for children among Venezuela’s Yukpa indigenous group are even worse: Many have lice and distended bellies from malnutrition or parasites. Indigenous groups in both countries have long gone neglected. Yet even while their children survive off meager helpings of potatoes cooked over rustic fires, Yukpa leader Dionisio Finol said they are better off in Colombia than in Venezuela. "At least here they can eat," he said.

Faces of pedophiles. Jenna Leahey, convicted of sexting with a male student. Pedophiles look like this. NJ.com.

In this June 26, 2018 photo, a barefoot Venezuelan Yupka indigenous girl picks the skin off a cooked potato before eating it at her community’s camp set up in Cucuta, Colombia, near the border with Venezuela. Along the banks of the Tachira… Some Venezuelan families, anxious to leave Cucuta for more prosperous cities in Colombia or other parts of Latin America but without the money to buy a bus ticket, are now choosing to walk to their next destination, children alongside them. If they are lucky, they are able to hitch rides with strangers for much of the way.

Faces of pedophiles. Kelsey McCarter, pled guilty to statutory rape of a 16 year old boy. Pedophiles look like this. Knox County Sheriffs Office.

"I’m willing to walk for three, four, five years," said Darwin Zapata, who departed from Cucuta with his 12-year-old son in hopes of reaching Peru, 1,500 miles (2,400 kilometers) to the south. He fled to Colombia after losing his job in Venezuela and being briefly kidnapped. Both wheeled suitcases along the side of a highway on a recent morning. “Whatever it takes.” The most desperate are willing to give up their children entirely. Though police said the case of newborn Angela was their first, child welfare, church and social workers said there have been others. One hospital social worker recalled a young mother of four who took her 5-month-old daughter to the hospital for malnutrition and decided to leave her there, telling staff she had no means of taking care of her. “She came back three times,” Andrea Portilla, the social worker, recalled. "Deep down, she did not want to abandon her. But the situation forced her to."

Faces of pedophiles. Nicole McDonough had sex with 18 year old male students. Pedophiles look like this. NJ.com.

When a child is found abandoned in Colombia, officials are legally obligated to make every effort to find a relative in Colombia or Venezuela who would be able to take care of her, a task made even more complicated as relations between the Andean nations grow testy. As police continue their investigation, the little girl with a thick nest of black hair is being swaddled by what Colombia calls a "substitute mother." Copyright 2018 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Trump Wil not Allow USA to Be old Out’ By MSM ‘Haters’?

Trump: ‘I Will Not Allow Country To Be Sold Out’ By MSM ‘Haters’

OpteEdit: (CNN),

I had no idea how right I was, a month ago, when I wrote in The New York Times that American Jews should be wary of their new President, because he supports the government of Russia and this government of Russia hates the eight primary federal reserve private banking institution family names.

There is a war out for global control through predictive programming propaganda and appears to be the most brilliant and most wealthiest people on earth.

Since then, we have had the incredible slip on January 27:

-i.e.: Holocaust Remembrance Day. Except slip is not the word, as we later learned from Politico. The White House claimed it did not see a draft of a statement prepared by the State Department until after the White House had issued its own statement, which left out mention of Jewish victims.

Remember, The Marxist Russian President Stalin was sent in by the bankers U.S. and European banker families and later turned against these banker families as their prime enemies. This is why Russia is being targeted by the Rothschild, Rockefeller, Morgan and other banker family names.

The State Department release had contained, as in past years under preceding presidents, mention of the six million Jews exterminated by the Nazi's.

The White House says it did not know about this draft. But the President's ghost writers clearly knew 100%, and when they decided to purposely "forget" the Jews, and what they were doing, and why is obvious with common sense that tells all.

We were witnessing an absolute deliberate effort to push the story of Jewish genocide victims into less than gray area of mass murder and of faceless and nameless crimes signatures Pro-Russian agendas.

This is a tell-tale trope of Holocaust deniers and, in the United States no less than anywhere else, one of the hallmarks of the new anti-Semitism. We all know know this is Terrible, but true and real-news in which they alt-right tag as MSM fake-news, therefore alt-right is fake news.

A few days later, there was Trump's strange news conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the start of his visit to Washington.

An Israeli journalist stood straight, face to face, up to ask the President about the worrisome increase in anti-Semitic incidents in the US.

Instead of responding, and seizing the opportunity to utter the clear and unimpeachable assurances that one expects of any President of The United State, (POTUS), worthy of the name, instead of vigorously condemning the return of the oldest form of hate-crimes upon the nations on earth where it appeared to have been contained, Donald Trump spoke, as he tends to do, about himself all the time.

POTUS-45 With his same obsessive compulsion he showed at his visit to CIA headquarters day after his inauguration.

President Donalf j. Trump lurched onto the topic scaling his victory on November 8 again all Anti-American odds.

When the POTUS was force returning to the question asked by reporters, it was to observe vaguely and how mechanically a response received; 

POTUS-45: "a lot of bad things have taken place over a long period of time," that "we are going to stop crime in this country," and as if to reassure us, "we are going to have peace in this country." ...and this was his response left reporters terrified in their seats. 

Not a word about the situation of Jewish children who go to school full of fear every-day around the world.

Not the wispiest idea about how to deal with the billions of tweets and retweets since his election that, (according to the Anti-Defamation League), have spread jokes about gas chambers, called for reopening "the ovens" for the Jews of New York and Los Angeles, and advanced the most sickening conspiracy theories  spread by racist nationalists.

Twenty-four hours later:
There was a second news conference at which another journalist, and this time representing an orthodox Jewish-American weekly, who he stood and posed more or less the same question(s).

They asked the POTUS respectfully about the administration proposed to do about the spate of vandalism of synagogues and the series of bomb threats.

So far not no recognition, nor action carried out that had led to the emergency evacuation of Jewish schools and community centers and all he said was this;'.

"Quiet! Quiet! Quiet!" ordered the President, in a tone that stunned the reporters present as if hitler was literally in the room.

POTUS-45 ordered everyone to "Sit down".

And after telling the gathering that he was "the least anti-Semitic person that you have ever seen in your entire life."

Everyone looked at each other in shock as if the George Orwell's Book: "1984" was alove and present speaking though President Trump Mouth terrified all the reports.

This least anti-Semitic of all U.S. Presidents again remained speechless regards of what the ethical morale American spirit of Martin Luther King, Elie Wiesel and Bill Clinton would do to block the wave of anti-Semitism that is breaking chaos into the streets of U.S., as it already has in Europe, a wave of a size unseen since the 1930's of the Anti-Semitic rage against Jews globally.

First among several hidden subsidiary points unveiled that complete this ugly picture is the image of the 20-odd rabbis who were arrested and handcuffed for having dared to demonstrate against Donald j. Trump.

They where too close to Trump Tower, and the rabbis disapproval of the president's Muslim ban was ignored:
"The new Trump administration replied to this bold, but classic act of civil disobedience as a hate-crime against the president Trump's family and administration."

Then there is the petty vulgarity that causes Mr. Trump to trot out racist tweet, whenever a question raise he imagines himself to be the sledgehammer in an argument of his daughter, son-in-law and their wonderful children -- in addition, of course, to his "Jewish friends:"

Always, in the United States as in France, the same old story and bad hidden Anti-Semitic excuses never acted upon in legal federal court.

Finally there is the spectacle following the omission of Jews from the White House, and a statement made on Holocaust Remembrance Day that everyone forgot almost immediately.

We watched a particular Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, shifting responsibility for the mistake senior member of Trump's team verbalized such as Boris Epshteyn who presented as a "Jewish Jew", but more so as "the descendant of Holocaust survivors that should be treated as a myth."

President Dj.Trump, during a visit to the National Museum of African American History and Culture, and after the 11 bomb threats were phoned in to Jewish community centers around the country, and Trump later says that anti-Semitism is "horrible" and "painful."

This does not change the general picture. What is the value of a reaction which comes, not from the heart, but after a storm of pleas, criticisms and protests?

...And, that the Israeli Prime Minister with no exception to any of this said by Dj.Trump, that he believes it fitting or perhaps just convenient to heap praise upon Mr. Trump.

Israeli Prime Minister going so far as to describe Dj.Trump jr, (POTUS-45), as an unmatched "supporter of the Jewish people and of the Jewish state" and that he does this while appearing in public with him and hamming up their friendship and complicity that changes nothing either way for though who are awake.

At best, Mr. Netanyahu will go down as a very distant relative of Joseph, (Biblical Joseph), making an alliance with Pharaoh to protect his people.

...But, we know how that story ends disastrously: just as a new pharaoh "arose over Egypt who did not know Joseph" and reduced his descendants to slavery, so, sooner or later, a new president will arise over America.

Leading, according to the Talmud that praises Christians, to two equally tragic scenarios.

Either the newcomer is indeed a new pharaoh and will associate the Jews with the predecessor whose cause and destiny they so recklessly embraced.

...Or, as the sages say, he is the same pharaoh, but has changed sides.

Translating this into present-day terms, the unpredictable Mr. Dj.Trump Jr., (POTUS-45), becomes another Mr. Trump; he makes a 180-degree perspective shift in his vision of the Jewish world; and he turns against Israel, and Trump is apathetic towards all.

Therefore, Trump has everything to fear, beginning right here and now, from his cynical "pragmatism", and onward for his entire bloodline shall be condemned for Anti-Semitic actions.
------- ------- -------

Monday, July 16, 2018

Detaining Innocent Children billion-dollar industry

Children billion-dollar Detention-Center industry.

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) handed out over $1-billion in grants in 2017 for funding nurturing and caring of illegal immigrant child through welfare services to detain children that are made property of detention-centers, and migrant children are terrified, The Associated Press reported Friday.

The grants for the services, which include shelters and foster care for the children, have skyrocketed from $74.5 million in 2007 to $958 million in 2017, according to the AP.

More than 11,800 of the children are being housed in about 90 facilities in 15 states in less than deplorable conditions.

The children are held in Department of Homeland Security custody as their parents wait for immigration proceedings, may be considered for asylum, but 98% of the time are not.

When Children arrive at U.S. boarder unaccompanied by adult parents are detained and 90% the children's parents are waiting at home to see if their children reached the border.

Ounce their children are excepted into U.S. the parents fly to the border and request immediate asylum, but Trump block unification of any parents with their children unconditional.

HHS/DHS in May, June, and July launched bids for five projects involving immigration children that will be added and each month is $500 million in private-contracting profits.

Those projects include beds, foster and therapeutic care and “secure care,” which refers to hiring security guards.

A department spokesman told the AP that HHS will award bids “based on the number of beds needed to provide appropriate care for minors in the program.” White Christian Private-Contractors are rolling in blood money.

The Trump administration's detention of immigrant children was thrown into the spotlight earlier this year as officials faced public outcry of unsanitary conditions, sexual molestation of children in detention centers solidified by a policy mil.spec deployed separating immigrant families at the border.

President Trump signed an executive order last month to end the policy, but DHS own HHS policies and nothing has changed.

The administration is has false flagged by working to reunite the separated immigrant children with their parents after a court ordered the government to do so.

HHS said in a court filing Friday that it had identified over 2,551 children who may have been separated from their families.

HHS officials said that it will not reunite all of the children with the people who accompanied them to the States.

"It is not, nor should it be, our objective to reunify over 2,551 minors children with the adult whom they arrived here with, because over 90% of those adults are not the children's parents, but who are criminals using the children that pose a clear danger to not only the children, but the United States as a single nation," the agency said in a statement.".

The real question is this!
What are they using these political prisoners for?
The detained children need nurturing and more abused lives.

Saturday, July 14, 2018



Denver, CO, June 28, 2018 … White christian supremacist groups continued to escalate their predictive-programming propaganda campaign targeting U.S. college campus students last year.

These campuses included in Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming.

According to new ADL data released today by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the number of incidents increased nationwide by 77 percent during the 2017-2018 academic year of POTUS45 reign.

Online sellers generally purport to be offering these "swastika" items outside of their Nazi-era context, as part of a real effort to return the "Nazi Swastika" to its origin as a Hindu religious symbol. 

A Ukraine-based seller offering a “Stainless Steel Ganesh Buddha Cross Necklace” noted in the item’s description that, “The Germanic word ‘Swastika’ came from the Sanskrit word, meaning any lucky and-or auspicious object. 

Thisd might be translated literally as ‘that which is associated with well-being, unity, peace and love which is extremely deceptive by turning it over creates a third Reich Nazi symbolism.’” 

This same Antisemitic user is also selling Iron Cross earrings. Based on a prominent Nazi-era symbolism, the Iron Cross has been adopted as a symbol by white christian supremacist groups, although it’s also in use among bikers and skateboarders in the United States.

From Sept. 1, 2017 to May 31, 2018, ADL’s Center on Extremism documented 292 cases of white christian supremacist propaganda on college campuses — including fliers, stickers, banners, and posters — compared to 165 during the 2016-17 academic year.

Since Sept. 1, 2016, ADL has recorded 478 propaganda incidents, targeting 287 college campuses in 47 states and the District of Columbia.

The report documented 13 incidents of white supremacist propaganda distribution in Colorado on over-eight campuses across the state.

There were five reported incidents on three campuses in Wyoming and one incident on one campus in New Mexico, according to the report.

They always lie and say. “We support a free and open exchange of ideas on college campuses, but the redistribution of white christian supremacist propaganda is only intended to threaten, intimidate and effectively shut down respectful free-speech dialogue,” said ADL Mountain States Regional Director Scott L. Levin.

AntiFa is always sent into these situation to protect student from nazi Christian Supremacists.

The Christian Supremacists always preach. “We encourage campus officials to exercise their own free speech rights in condemning the distribution of racist literature, but they do this anyways sarcastically.”

The white christian propaganda messages range from veiled white supremacist language to explicitly racist images and words that attack minority groups, including and or specifically targeting innocent Jews, Blacks, Muslims, all non-white immigrants and the entire LGBT community.

Some recent examples focus on the baseless perception of danger posed by undocumented immigrants, any non-white foreigners traveling toward the Mexican-American border into United States.

“College campuses and their communities should be places for learning, growing and the future, not these close-minded racist and hate-filled Germanic rhetoric from the third Nazi Reich past,”

“The good people of this U.S. Nation are concerned that white supremacists are accelerating their efforts to target school children and young women with propaganda in hopes of recruiting more alt-right young people to support their bigoted worldview.”

Identity Evropa (IE), This is a christian-identity a-typical group focused on the preservation of “pro-white-pride U.S. American culture” of white European identity movement.

They are responsible for nearly half (230) of the 478 incidents. Patriot Front — which was formed within the last year — was responsible for 70 incidents.

“Remember the importance that university administrators to respect and protect free speech of the ADL Anti-Fascist movement.

It’s equally vital that College Administrators, Faculty, and Students take the necessary steps to counter the hateful messages of these groups,” Greenblatt said. 

“The Zionist Anti-Fascist steps protect North-America and the entire planet earth can include educating faculty and students on the parameters of their First Amendment rights.

This also improving training for campus officials charged with responding to bias incidents and hate crimes.”

Along those lines, ADL recently launched “Hate Uncycled” – a resource for watchdog campus administrators intended to serve as a guide to address incidents from many student lenses.

Now this is including prevention, preparation, response, healing, and education who are victims and preparing students before victimized.

The vision is to dismantle the complexities of White Christian bias and hate is a primary mission.

This is done through regular assessment and implementation of campus climate initiatives and incident response practices.

In addition to on-campus Nazi activity, white Christian supremacist groups have stepped up their propaganda.

In all other public spaces, targeting teenage locations such as highway overpasses, campuses; (see the March 2018 ADL report about this trend).

ADL has recorded 10805 non-campus propaganda distributions since January 2001 — an average of more than one incident every day so far this year.

“Our intelligence data shows that all white supremacists are Christians’ and their propaganda campaigns continue to accelerate into all of North America.

These Nazi's are both on and off campus like ghosts, online like rats and on the ground in everyone's faces.”

“The alt-right segment of the white christian supremacist movement remains a driving force behind this activity.”

/* *?