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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Neo-Nazi New-England-States

Neo-Nazi New-England-States

Neo-Nazi New-England-States; Since 1869-XXXX till this present moment reading this, State of Maine had raped, near entirely ethnically cleansed the entire Native-American, (Penobscot Indian), populations in the region and throughout New-England-States.  there have been 12 documented extremist and anti-Semitic incidents in Maine, according to the Anti-Defamation League, compared with just one reported event in the state between 2002 and 2015.

According to the map, there have been a growing number of incidents in Maine involving white supremacist propaganda.

During this period there has also been a marked increase in conservative politicians in Maine espousing racist talking points or sharing alt-right memes on social media. One of the most extreme examples was the exposure of Jackman’s then-town manager as a prominent neo-Nazi and white.

According to ADL, in recent years prior to 2016 there was only one major recorded hate incident in Maine: the 2011 murder in Readfield by the white supremacist David Silva, Jr.

The Nazi-HQ of Northern-Mainers

The Governor of Maine, Paul LePage, recently made racially charged comments at a press conference, relating to the epidemic of heroin usage in his state. In the short video clip, he talks about drug dealers from New York and Connecticut named Shifty, D-Money, Smoothie that come to Maine, sell heroin, then go back home. At the end of the clip, he says they also impregnate a young white girl before they leave, which is the “really sad” thing. He has apologized, but many have attacked him as being a racist.

The question of his racism is up in the air. Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t. But one thing that can’t really be said about him is that he’s a liar. And he also didn’t mention race. Many people assume that he was talking about black drug dealers, because what he described is generally what black drug dealers do, specifically. Especially those from the Northeast. Not only do they go to Maine, they also go all across the country, wherever their vehicle will get them. They set up shop in small areas not used to hard drugs. College parties, local bars, strip clubs. They garner a small but reliable clientele of users, and they take advantage of a young white girl, impregnate her, then leave.

A town manager in Maine, the whitest state in America, was finally fired after his white separatist, xenophobic views became public knowledge. According to the Lewiston Sun Journal, selectmen in the small northern town of Jackman voted 4-0 to remove Tom Kawczynski from his position.

The Arizona-bred 37-year-old was brought in to start working for the town last June, reportedly after a total lack of local interest in the job, and in November created a white separatist group online called New Albion. The group called for a voluntary separation of races in New England, but on alt-right platforms his comments went even further, pushing into the realm of racism, xenophobia, islamophobia, and attacks on feminists. He called Islam 'barbarism" and the “the scourge of Western civilization." As more of these comments surfaced, Kawczynski and the town came under fire.

Maine-Mainer's Prime Directives:
Neo-Nazi New-England-States; White-Nationalist Maine has prime-directives andone of these is to vote republican, but as a tristist of rules belong to the democratic party of be shunned.

Undercover Democratic Insiders investigating this Neo-Nazi Brigade of Nazi New-England-States militia HQ Northern-Maine trying to infect Canada with racism.

Most guilty is primarily Northern-Maine who are infecting minority cities and towns/villages in the United States and Throughout Canada. This is a New-England State race war to murder-kill disabled people, children, women, and men.

This is a long on-going threat Canada always new about and should closed it's Northern-Maine borders close all New-England State boarders, because of the extremacist cryptorepublicans hidding under the guase of liberalism, socialism, and communism as democrats, but in face are all racist cryptorepublicans.

1. Hallowell MAINE, Wendy Larson, Slates-Restaurant owner, ‘Nazi-Sympathizer’.
2. Neo-Nazi Tom Kawczynski, currently of Greenville Junction, Maine.
3. Main-News: Cookies For Neo-Nazi's.
4. Becon-Maine-News: Neo-Nazi ‘troll storm’ tactics, are Maine-Mainer.
5. ADL: Neo-Nazi White-Ssupremacist Consume Maine. 
6. Mainer/Maine Secret-Society Neo-Nazi's Vows To Violence.
7. False Bid by Maine lawmaker to label Neo-Nazis as terrorists stalls, but in fact was a marketing scheme to recruite more maine residents into Neo-nazi movement, fact!-Checked 
8. Many black women gather in Portland-Maine; Topic Neo-Nazi Racism.  
9. Islamic Immigrant Children Learn Racism in historical all Caucasian Maine Schools 
10. Historic win for Lewiston, Maine, elects 1st Somali-American city council. 
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12. Is Maine Officially Neo-Nazi Racist, Yet? 
13. New-England-State of Maine Property Owner Used Racist Tactical Warfare Attacks at a Chinese-American Mayoral Candidate, Insane enough?14. Maine won’t confront its racism if we don’t admit it’s there!
15. Maine, Unternehmen Elster, (Operation Magpie), November 29, 1944.  
16. Conservative WVOM just put a Nazi on the air
17. Signs With Neo-Nazi Slogan Found Near College Campus   18. Northern Maine magazine 'shames' Facebook to policing Neo-Nazi's  
19. In 2019, 2 hate groups were tracked in Maine  
20. Leaked Email: Ben Chin Says Lewiston Voters “Bunch of Racists”
21. 'Pedophile of the Day': Facebook puts registered sex offenders public
22. Convicted Pedophile Priest Extradited to Maine Jail  
23. Man arrested for for 1986 murder, pedophile assault of a little girl child puzzled residents in Maine afrais to let the world know about their pedophile secret sexual cult life style since 1800's.
24. Maine, 60-year sentence, karate school instructor mass pedophile molestations and grooming of pubscent boys.
25. Jacob Fernald, pedophile-of-the-day, lives in Portland, Maine.   
26. ‘Pedophile’ Police Cover-Up Alleged in Maine
27. "Maine Peopole's Alliance" have pedophile at Lewiston school collecting signatures, names, addresses, and social-media profile informations during Mayoral election    
28.  Convicted Pedophile Appears On Volunteer List For Democratic Campaign In Maine.  
29. Brewer Maine, Male convicted sex offender pleads not guilty to possessing child porn and grooming little boys     
30. Pedophile Maine Born resident child sex offender claims split personality    
31. The Maine Resident pedophile grooming your children as next door neighbor.    

States with the highest percentages of White/Caucasian Americans, as of 2020: Areas have Nearly No CoViD-19 Infections, Think-Tank-It!
  • Maine 99.5%
  • New Hampshire 98.0%
  • West Virginia 98.9%
  • Iowa 98.7%
  • Idaho 98.1%
  • Wyoming 97.6%
  • Minnesota 97.9%
  • North Dakota 97.9%
  • South Dakota 96.8%

Neo-Nazi New-England-States; Many have said; Neo-Nazi New-England-States HQ Northern-Maine are celebrating each year their French Acadian free life style receiving extra-money from government  then all minority groups within UAS, and canada.

Mentioned by so many for month's that: Residents in Northern Maine border towns are using human carriers to spreading coronavirus into non-cuacasian regions throughout the united states, and rumored Canda into black/african-american, hispanic, and other non-caucasion regions via mail carriers through online purchases, these terrorists are getting away with it and nothing being done about it.

Neo-Nazi and the New-England-States, The carriers have the 100% primary care medical insurance that explains everything how these young women flawlessly complete missions without concern their safty is always secured.

They are being transplanted into most UnInfected U.S. States and abroad after completing their mission in monoritty region within the uniter startes they move into other country regions directed by the deepest technology groups. 

Googles will not allow this information to the general public, and if you find this please share this link and stop these nazis.

Neo-Nazi propaganda spreads at US colleges

Nothern Maine has been known to torutre their own siblings, and out-right murder if they do not comply with all White-Supremacist directives of Neo-Nazi 4th reich.

Many of the deaths in Norhtern Maine is do to this unjust cause and effect of loyalties to the fourth Reich mandated directives. Meny children who die are alwyas known in thses parts as 101% murder-kills, and-or rather the cleansing, but no one ever speaks. Obedience or death.

Neo-Nazi New-England-States HQ Northern-Maine, The what about this ugly side of U.S. Northern Maine racism, and throughout the New-England States made viral into Canda? They are on the rise again? ...but in fact, have always been this way through-out all of Mid-to-Northern New-England States, and no one ever voices. They know punishment is beyong recognition and many time to speak out is death, for they have been lotal soldiers, and Marines as white-Nationalist-Nazii-Supremacists since before theier birth.

The neo-Nazi boot: Inside one Marine’s descention.

Neo-Nazi New-England-States; According to recent FBI data released by the Anti-Defamation League, (ADL), every town within New England States reported at least a 10-fold more of white supremacist propaganda incidents last year past four years, and since CoViD-19 multiplies ten times more.

In Vermont alone, over 1085 incidents of white supremacist propaganda was recorded in 2019, and ten-times that in 2020 at present, and increases each passing week.

Terrifying that only 85 racist hate crimes were reported because all charges were dropped or changed to disturbing the peace.

Neo-Nazi New-England-States HQ Northern-Maine, This is were reported by the FBI in private non-public think-tank of rand corporation admitted by a DOD think tank contractor professor who narcs on extremists and fellow professors, (they said the innocent remain protected, so they say... )

That ranks #1 among all New England Deep-White Nationalist States, which recorded an alarming number of incidents whereby reduced sentencing and original charges never reported.

“Our city-data of Entire New-England States clearly demonstrates that white supremacists festered doubling down into their distribution of propaganda across the Northern U.S. and straight up into Alaska which is the Deep-White-Nationalist  HQ of all U.S.States per-region.

"Some Maine high school students are accused of giving a Nazi salute in an online photo. News 8's Paul Merrill reports."

“This deplorable Insertion by this barrage of white-nationalist-racists from Alaska, across the north, and straight into New-England-States preparing for the SARS-CoViD-2 CoronaVirus Zombie Apocalypse.

These extremists are gilled with anti-Semitism and anti-LGBTQ fliers packed away in their vehicles wherever they travel and all law-enforcement do nothing about it even if they are Non-Caucasians.

Neo-Nazi New-England-States HQ Northern-Maine have these stickers, banners, and posters are all passed out by hand in private gatherings. Then when signaled by their commanders is displayed in public square and on campus, and as these white supremacists are attempting to normalize their messages of bigotry and to bolster recruitment.

Neo-Nazi New-England-States HQ Northern-Maine hide in the gauze with hidden cloak and dagger of anonymity as republicans, libertarians, and over-all conservative and this is terrifying.

They higher-up commanders never having to face the consequences of their hate and intolerance, but only their disposable minions of Neo-Nazi's.”

This is all happening here throughout the northern borders of the United States and has already infested all of Canada working diligently side by side gaining grounds each passing year.

They are anti-Jewish message spray-painted on walls throughout Canada now. They have scrawled in chalk on sidewalks by recruited pre-teenagers who are all groomed secretly.

These white supremacist leaflets are handing out at private-parties and assemblies.

They refuse to self-identify as a white supremacist, but only CryptoZionist, Zionists, Libertarians, or outright conservatives, but very few as Neo-Nazis.

These are the ones who boast about how they helped drive Anti- browns, reds, yellows, and blacks legislator throughout these regions, and never will face charges from either the town police or the attorney general’s office because the Neo-Nazi's are hackers, geeks, DOD cybersecurity, and last and the only's in the public eye for all to see.

Neo-Nazi New-England-States HQ Northern-Maine, is beyond racism, and many points towards the emboldened by  POTUS45 and his secret billionaire most elite right-wing 4th Reich who pander to white supremacists after they held a violent rally throughout the United States; who entrusts high-level ghost key advisers, especially in opposition to immigration policy, and equal rights.

I Quite simply this, we can do better, that I am crippled and old.

* Ghost OptEditor, and North-Mainer Transplant Spying On Racists. *

1. White Supremacist Propaganda More Than Tripled In Mass. Last Year, Anti-Defamation League Says
2. White supremacist ‘troll storm’ tactics have come to Maine 
3. Surge in requests for Nazi, KKK ink prompts Maine tattoo shop to say ‘stop asking’
4. For years, the so-called ‘grandfather’ of neo-Nazis called Maine his home
5. Hitler quote makes it into Maine yearbook

There is over 21 articles, but I will puke if I go any further than here.

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