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Monday, February 24, 2020

Send your Children to Jail $75.00 Weekend

Send your Children to Jail  $75.00 Weekend

Sending your child to jail is tough-love fear based parenting that equals using your child as a weapon to threaten others and ridicule them in a buffering zone. 

Parents are savage predators devouring the minds of their children and when these children are no longer useful are dropped into the tough-love arms of law-enforcement.

I have known children in towns and cities die of heroin at the ages of prepubescence and teenagers under the age of 18, because their drug addicted parents constantly sexually molest their children. These children ended up doing heroin and other addictive drugs then one day gave up and over-dosed.

If and when parents destroy their children's life at this point of need sending them to jail-camp then the courts should remove these children, place then into military school with mandatory 4-yrs military service after the age of 18 year-old.

We need H.R.645 initiated immediately!

Most children who are in trouble are raped by their heterosexual parents.

Majority of heterosexuals who get married 90% of the time molest their children.

Self abusing parents are rape molesters of their own children.

Children are criminals, because their parents are pedophiles.

Pedophile parents are common when drugs/alcohol are involved mostly.

Children are criminals, because their parents are self abusing drug addicted pedophiles. 

This is real life abuse!

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