Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Safest and Drug Free Cities in The USA

Safest and Drug Free Cities in The USA

The Seattle City is safe, and the drug addicts, and drug dealers are liberal loving souls and very few are violent.

The city streets are colorful with tents, different types of Mr. Hankey turds and and the lovely mate'ing ritual tagging locations with urination attract lovers.

Seattle is a beautiful place to raise your family with medical pharmaceutical, and sex education awaits with each passing tent.

The person's living int tents are all modern shaman's who talk to the living dead, and the dead.

These new-age modern Shaman are all here to help your pubescent family into spiritual paradise lead by the Royal Blue Blood liberal elected officials of Seattle Washington..

Seattle is a city of spiritual enlightenment Lead by the best of the best elected oficials, but not nearly enlightened as San Fransisco California.


KOMO News KOMO's Eric Johnson explores the impact the drug and homelessness problem is having on our city and possible solutions in "Seattle is Dying."

393K subscribers
Watch the CBSN LA Original Documentary in its entirety praising our spiritual new-age modern shaman, and our high castle royal elected blue-blood officials blessing us all deeply.

Send your family to the tent city areas throughout California so they can learn the ancient ways through our new-age shaman. 
Indeed we are all blessed..

"One out of every 5,000 resident of San Francisco is a Millionaires", and "one out of ever 11,000 billionaires".

One out of every 110 people are homeless. 
How could this be happening in the same city that is praised as liberal progressives, new-agers, hippies, and where is all the 1960's peace & love?
The Silicon Valley Girl is attempting to figure it out in this video with intelligent solutions! 
Thank you, Gil Penchina, for taking part in this video and giving a lot of valuable insights! 
 Guy the butcher has Instagram - check him out at @guythebutcher 

More new-age shamans spreading their spiritual change and ancient great insightful knowledge knowing as chants and rambling similar to rap music, but without the music --amazing grace. 

We are all blessed by our modern day shaman.


Love & Hate is a documentary film about two alcoholic homeless men Al and Mark in Long Beach California at Bixby park.

They have a love & hate relationship with each other and with themselves at a personal level.

They are together 24/7 sleep eat drink and begging for money.

They share what they have with each other.

From fighting one another to helping to put on a backpacks together.

Here from Al and Mark to tell how the City of Long Beach treat them this was film in 2013 and 2014... f

Film by Casey Collins, Email : casey.wine@yahoo.com


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