Tuesday, February 4, 2020

NSIAD-96-64 Defense Industrial Security: Weaknesses ... - GAO

NSIAD-96-64 Defense Industrial Security: Weaknesses ... - GAO

Pursuant to a congressional request, GAO reviewed security arrangements used to protect sensitive information from foreign-owned U.S. defense contractors that perform on classified Department of Defense (DOD) contracts.
GAO found that: (1) security arrangements are intended to protect foreign-owned U.S. defense contractors from undue foreign control and to prevent foreign owners' access to classified information; (2) there are 54 foreign-owned U.S. defense contractors operating under security arrangements, such as voting trusts, proxy agreements, and special security agreements; (3) although special security agreement companies are not permitted access to the highest levels of classified information due to the risk of foreign control, DOD authorized such access to 12 of 33 special security agreement companies; (4) each foreign-owned U.S. defense contractor must have a visitation agreement with its parent company to protect against foreign owners' unauthorized access to classified information; (5) individuals contacted by the parent company are required to report on the technical discussions that took place under visitation agreements; (6) U.S. citizens are selected for the boards of directors of foreign-owned U.S. defense firms to protect against undue foreign control and unauthorized access to classified information; and (7) most trustees have limited oversight roles and do not actively check on the implementation of security policies or engage in management issues, and some appear to have conflicts of interest.

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