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Monday, April 1, 2019

Stepehen Lee Masten Jr,. age 36, Aryan Terror Brigade-(ATB), "Church of the Creator"-(COTC), 2019:,Pt-#1 (pwd-info-sec)

Once upon a ConservaNazi time these two nationalist Neo-Nazi Aryan white-supremacist brothers were blossoming bosom good buddy comrades, but the dark-side of the Neo-Nazi Force persuaded them otherwise.

A lesson to always adhere to, and that is, anger equals fear and that of a child's mind, but not a warriors mind. Not to fear is to be a ghost, invisiable to other minds even upon the lucid dreams state, astral plane, and into the daily material physical world; emotionally silent -- a warrior.

This eventual near death experience for one victimized by his lacking of mutual comrade respect, and prison sentence of time to be served for two other comrads. One sentences for life and the other more than half his life.

This fear to anger makes the most intelligent awake humans stupid, angst ignorant children, breaks a father's, a mother's, a families, and comrads foking hearts.

Yes, these are pink-skin Caucasian(?) brothers-in-arms have no purity agenda.

This in itself is always not debatable via DNA test in which all white-nationalist's must do in order to become a "real Caucasian" members of the "Aryan Brotherhood, least Terror Brigade", (ATB); obviously noticable.

The falsehood of white-nationalism of Aryan brotherhood never enact DNA testing, because, and perhaps only few may remain defines few are real pure bood.

The race-traitors exist byproxy, and far too cowardly to enact DNA proof, and therefore any, and perhaps all white-nationalist ideology is flawed, by this standard, inherently.

This in itself alone makes all white-nationalist Aryan brotherhoods by this proxy alone extremely weak.

This particular, (ATB), white supremacist group Head-Quartered is located in Northeast Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Many made this a story to tell why you should not let the angst childish feelings of loss which is a false death of loss toy with your mind into fear.

To join any Aryan group can be the end of any persons mindspace if you are not reality aware of false-death as loss into fear makes all warriors cowards as an end-game.

This one Aryan, (David Phillips), eyes gouged out and blinded for life, now left alone, isolated within his mind of darkness and many end their own life over-time from such events especially when includes betrayle(s); if any.

This event is an unforgiving tale lived out the 3rd/4th-Reich much unknown to these Ayrans is that Hitler was Askenazi-Jew, and also of black african DNA bloodline. A CryptoZionist/Zionist is a Crypto=Christian Practicing as a CryptoJew hidden adamantly, and of course lastly a Zionist via christian life style; dah!

These Aryan Brothers and one being this David Philip, have turn their backs upon those who have beaten, gouged eyes out, and made mocking of the Ayran brotherhood via their actions and other other members have not turn their backs, but remain to shame, and so onwards.

Now all live within their own private idaho outcast from one level to another in this Midsummers Night's Dream of these said events.

These three musketeers are banished by society, banished themselves, and to a degree each other upon other members.

One into cast into the horrid darkness, the others into prison as race traitors, by logical accounts via their actions), and all are currently alone within their own self-creation.

To be isolated/ignored till this present day as you read this by Aryan Brothers/Sisters(?) in Arms may resolve grave embarrassment brought upon themselves and their family-names.

Saddens the mind in general such lacking Loyalty (Bear true faith and allegiance to the U.S. Constitution, the Army, your unit and other Soldiers),
Duty (Fulfill your obligations), Respect (Treat people as they should be treated), Selfless Service (Put the welfare of the Nation, the Army and your subordinates before your own), Honor, Integrity, Personal Self-Sacrifice and Personal Courage that resolves into unadorned sadness by many.

Those who attacked and maimed him, David Phillips, for life left, literally, alone blind at this present moment as this article spins around in a reader's mind by his Aryan Comrades Stephen Masten, and Frank Casiano that now suffer consequences through lacking proper self-dicipline(s).

The other two maiming comrade's are sent into prison, Stephan Masten, first suspect sentenced 20-1/2yrs -to- 80yrs, and the second suspect, Frank Casiano, sentenced 20yrs -to-40yrs prison of incarceration, sledge Thor's hammer as judgement made; must feel as life imprisoned. ***

Philadelphia playground ends here and Arizona playground begins with Stephen Masten's new female lover, (Guess Who?).

Masten will live the remainder of his sentence's, because he intentionally elected himself and his comrade into their new prison life style, saddens many, and many wish this could be undone --entirely; eternity, their decisions not of our own.

Stephen Lee Masten Jr., Hales Hitler To the World Now For He Have Become Memorabilia to the planet earth.

Northeast Philadelphia is a predominately Aryan White Nationalist populated region of the Philadelphia-City growing dramatically.

Philadelphia regions is growing clandestinely each year into white Caucasian nationalism.

Within all Southern Canada, and U.S. cities by hundreds of thousand across North-America pouring in from white-Caucasian regions throughout Europe and other white-Caucasian populated regions throughout the world.

Recognize this, as these words spin across your eyes at this present moment the 4th-Reich is creeping in all corners of North America.

Each year throughout all major cities in the United States Aryans refuse to use their social-security numbers for any and all identification electronic tracable markers.

By these actions the Aryans turn themselves intoe grey ghosts, grey persons, invisible to the InfoSec, (cyber-security), electronic tracking and include their IRS-invisibility system throughout the Allied Nations of the United States and the entire world.

White populations appear more than 85% than it actually is, and have been this way growing since the 1959.

Aryan Nation(s) are throughout Russia, Northern European Nations, All of North America and now the entire planet are highly networked and organized through international banking cartel investors, brokers, bankers and white-Caucasian  mega real-estate owners globally.

This is known as the International Aryan 4th Reich Nation Members who are all billionaires and millionaires that being to the idea, but never an organized group(s).

These members belong to an idea, and not any given secular named organization or material traceable group(s), but the lower economic expendable 4th-Reich are grouped together to take the blame.

This invisible billionaire-millionaire nameless think-tank is mind controlling all nations of earth into hate crime thoughts of physical action against minorities through non-Caucasian immigration interventions transplanted into white-Caucasian regions throughout the world inciting resentment and extreme animosity.

This is what gives birth to white-Caucation 4th-Reich Nationalism and equal to same as now-new 4th-Reich Internationalism.

The 4th-Reich white-Caucasion billionaires-millionaires of Earth is enforcing another declared global war with each passing minute since POTUS45 indoctrination.

Now pushing mass immigration from war torn scared countries is the primary mission behind closed doors of this white-inherent-Caucasian crisis onto international 4th Reich NWO.

But... Mr. Stephen Masten's and Mr. Frank Casiano's overt fear infestations of loss, being frightened into rage led to uncontrollable temper-tantrum outbursts sentencing the first to 40 -to- 80 years and the second to 20 -to- 40 years in prison without parole; yes "without chances for parole".

This rage is equally ominous within all humans stemming from being frightened, fears of loss and always devours the human mind enforcing a lower IQ that science proves fact and not at all fiction.

Countless martial artists warn adamantly against giving into fear, loss of competition into anger, eventual rage, because it all stems from irrational fears of loss is a form of death during battle/competition(s).

Other professions of extreme physical exertions that always results in failure are this direct cause and effect.

Like politicized mass-media puppets resembling angst children regardless of ethnic race is everyone's eventual nightmare shall solidify ounce we subject ourselves into a single polarization of politics.

Is Mr. Steve Masten jr., and Frank Casiano are masters of mental fear-tarded, and obviously now have become poster children of a lesser Aryan brotherhood nightmare labeled as race-traitors in the eyes of countless many.

They are both shamed in prison by loyal, honorable, ethical leaders to their 4th Reich and followers that have turned their backs on them both with arms crossed upon their chests. their heads tucked between crossed armed fist and in shaming them both.

We can assume both their struggle is now an actual reality of daily events, rather than immaginary.

Mr. Stephen Lee Masten Jr., and Mr. Frank Casiano may have walked-in long ago into this irrational madness by choice and bringing shame to ATB, their city, their country and the entire planet of Aryan Brotherhood of their portrayal of the 4th-Reich now shamed.

Imagine one day waking from sleep and everyone in school, your friends, your family, and peers wonder who is this guy, is this my son(?).

This is --because a complete change occurred over-night as if a demon(s) made possession of them and their personal nightmare have started from these misguided seeds of paraprofessional confusion, and now the worse.

Mr. Masten is/was an Aryan Brother to "David Phillips", whom Mr. Masten gouged Mr. Phillips eyes right out of their sockets dangling from his skull-face like mad-magazine marbles art-work, bleeding and left another mama's-boy dead and stupid and later bragged about the crime. Try to remember this time and follow such shameful acts.

Pennsylvania “Skinheads” David Phillips. This picture was taken before the assault. Happy as a little ducky in a pond, bless their hearts, sort-of, but not really, maybe, no forget it!

On the ere blue night of May 6-(Sunday), 2012, Masten and fellow white supremacist Frank Casiano broke into Phillips' house on Shisler Street in the Northeast.

Stephen Masten and Frank Casiano both beat and threatened to kill him Mr. David Phillips. Frank Casiano then pinned down Phillips, (unable to move or break himself free), while Masten gouged out his eyes.

Frank Casiano, 32, pleaded guilty last April to aggravated assault, conspiracy, and burglary, and is serving 20 to 40 years.

Mr. Stephen Lee Masten to 41 years and ½ years to 83 years in prison for the 2012 lethal assault on Mr. David Phillips and for assaulting an ethnic black prison guard.

Mr. Stephen Lee Masten will now embrace life 20-1/2yrs -to- 80yrs in prison for gouging out Mr. David Phillips' eyes out of his skull, because Mr. Masten heard, (from his girl-friend, and wife at this time), that his wife was being sexually harassed and nearly molested by Mr. Phillips while he was in jail for shop-lifting; theft from a store..
The Philadelphia Common Pleas Court Judge Timika Lane in video-link above.

The Philadelphia Common Pleas Court Judge Timika Lane called the 33-year-old Masten a "threat to society who is extremely volatile, and aggressive" before sentencing Mr. Stephen Lee Masten to 41 years and ½ years to 83 years in prison for the 2012 lethal assault on Mr. David Phillips and for assaulting an ethnic black prison guard.

Judge Timika Lane noted Masten's history of moderate to severe mental illness throughout his childhood and how he was schooled in racism as a young boy child by his genetic father who took him into public residential mixed ethnic black communities "to assault various people of mixed ethnic color."

[Judge Timika Lane]: "What troubles me Stphen is that you spoke a lot about yourself continuously, but you did not ounce during your entire dialog apologize for your criminal actions leaving your Aryan brother David Phillips crippled and mortally blind for life," Judge Lane said.

"That says a lot about who you are Mr. Stephen Lee Masten and what you have present to my court about yourself to all these witnesses around you standing in judgement, besides myself."

Mr. Stephen Lee Masten, is a short 5’ 9”, stocky muscular nearing middle aged looking man whose body is heavily marked with supremacist white-racist tattoos. Stephen said that what happened was a byproduct of life in a violent and drug-saturated by his fathers friends and hate groups.

Mr Stephen Lee Masten Jr., when out on the town and been approached by ethnic blacks harassing them of their tattoos and a fight erupted, and Mr. Masten Jr., mentions he got the best of his attacker. We can only speculate what that means and we can only pray no one was killed.

"I'm still a human being," Mr. Masten said. "We, (Stephan Masten and Frank Casiano), were both involved in these criminal violent actions and things we shouldn't have been involved in."

"Every day Dave Phillips thinks about being blinded is a day I have to think about what I did," Mr. Masten said. "I don't expect Dave to forgive me."

Mr. David Phillips, 47 years old, tall, thin, and equally tattooed, made it clear that forgiveness was not possible for him as an Aryan.

"Whatever happens to Mr. Stephen Lee Masten, he will be able to see," Phillips told Lane. "He gave me a life sentence."

Mr. Stephen Lee Masten watched Mr. Phillips as his victim said, "I never did anything to you. How can a human being do something like this? You're not human."

Authorities said there had been bad blood between Phillips and Masten about a purported incident involving Phillips and Masten's girlfriend when Masten was in jail.

On the night of May 6-(Sunday), 2012, Stephen Masten and fellow white supremacist Frank Casiano broke into Phillips' house on Shisler Street in Northeast Philadelphia, and beaten and threatened to kill him. Casiano then pinned down Phillips while Masten gouged out his eyes.

Casiano, 32, pleaded guilty last April to aggravated assault, conspiracy, and burglary, and is serving 20 to 40 years.

Defense lawyer Andrew G. Gay Jr. argued for a sentence that gives Masten a hope of living outside prison.

Gay presented the Rev. Matthew Palkowski, a Catholic chaplain in the city prisons, who testified that since his arrest, Masten has befriended an African American inmate and helped an Ethiopian inmate who had trouble understanding English.

Palkowski said Masten has "taken a first step on the road to conversion and rehabilitation."

Assistant District Attorney Erica Rebstock argued that Masten's 17 citations for prison misconduct since his arrest showed that he was not rehabilitated.
An additional incident to which Masten pleaded guilty Monday was a Nov. 30, 2012, assault on a prison correctional officer. Rebstock said Masten yelled racist comments and spat at an officer in "an attempt to infect him with hepatitis."

Five weeks ago, Rebstock continued, Masten was cited after a homemade 81/2-inch weapon was found in his cell.

"He is not amenable to rehabilitation," Rebstock told the judge. "If he ever gets out, he will hurt, maim, or kill another person in Philadelphia."

When this fear is involved is when shit hits fan, you get caught, and the judge body slams you with life terms; obviously protecting their communities and end all to the story.

PATRICK C KELLY                 Also Known As
STEPHEN MASTEN               Also Known As
STEPHEN L MASTEN            Also Known As
STEPHEN L MASTEN JR       Commit Name

Age: By-Birth-Date
Date of Birth: 01/03/1983
Height (in): 5' 09"
Gender: MALE
Citizenship: USA
Complexion: LIGHT
Current Location: PHOENIX
Permanent Location: PHOENIX
Committing County: BUCKS
Last Updated Time: 5/20/2019 4:00:17 AM

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