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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

PortLandia Oregon June-3th-2018

Patriot Prayer, antifa groups riot in Portland

By Professional Photographer: Mark Graves.
The Oregonian/OregonLive.

Original Post-Date on June 30, 2018 3:17 PM.

In the backwoods of Georgia, a controversial, right-wing, "anti-terror" militia group gathers once a month to complete field training exercises under the command of Chris Hill—a.k.a Blood Agent, and rumored Dungeons and Dragons.
This militia group, (called the Georgia III% Security Force), is part of the Three Percenter movement, which is inspired by the unfounded claim that only three percent of colonists fought against the British in the American Revolution, impressive? History is always rewritten by the victorious, so how true is that?
VICE joins Hill and the Georgia III% Security Force during one of their monthly AntiToxic Male gatherings to see how they prepare themselves to "defend the Constitution from all enemies be`it foreigners and domesticated" and to see what they'll do to protect their guns, or rather their country.
[OptEdit Note]:
It is firmly maintained that the III% militia occupied the "Portland Oregon Patriot Prayer Rally in Support of POTUS45/Donald j. Trump.

AntiFa protested this gathering and was brutally attacked and beaten according to mainstream media outlet news networks, such-as, CNN, MSNBC, and crew.

It was, always is pre-planed and co-ordinated months earlier in advance with legal papers to sign in order to protest makes this all very public.


AntiFa created a private android apps and infiltrated the gathering, cause they are geeks and geeks create cool things, and as do all.
The largest militia in the united states, the III% militia, gave the British savage warrior beat down on AntiFa and other militias participated in months long coordination arrived joining in too.
Their was other militia groups that participated from Canada, Central and South America with the "Three Percenter Militia" undisclosed which included Federal agents on both sides doing analytical and investigative observations. 

The left-wing leaning anti-fascist movement—(Antifa) has been around for decades, popping up in North America and Europe in response to rising white nationalist or fascist sentiments, thus by definition anything related to conservative only. Interesting these both sides, ahh!
Now, Antifa has made a resurgence in the US, where members clad in masks and nondescript black clothing confront, (what they translate as), groups of white supremacists and Neo-Nazis, (but who are 98% conservative and may have a few bonehead types), who've started organizing in cities around the country.
Since the 2016 presidential election, Antifa has become a staple at alt-right and Trump-related rallies that often result in violent clashes.
VICE met up with a few Antifa activists in Philadelphia_Pennsylvania who engage in “Black Bloc” actions to find out more about their ideology, tactics, and individual reasons for participating in a high-risk form of this AntiFa activism.

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