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Monday, July 16, 2018

Detaining Innocent Children billion-dollar industry

Children billion+ dollar a year Detention-Center industry.

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) handed out over $1-billion in grants in 2017 for funding nurturing and caring of illegal immigrant child through welfare services to detain children that are made property of detention-centers, and migrant children are terrified, The Associated Press reported Friday.

The grants for the services, which include shelters and foster care for the children, have skyrocketed from $74.5 million in 2007 to $958 million in 2017, according to the AP.

More than 11,800 of the children are being housed in about 90 facilities in 15 states in less than deplorable conditions.

The children are held in Department of Homeland Security custody as their parents wait for immigration proceedings, may be considered for asylum, but 98% of the time are not.

When Children arrive at U.S. boarder unaccompanied by adult parents are detained and 90% the children's parents are waiting at home to see if their children reached the border.

Ounce their children are excepted into U.S. the parents fly to the border and request immediate asylum, but Trump block unification of any parents with their children unconditional.

HHS/DHS in May, June, and July launched bids for five projects involving immigration children that will be added and each month is $500 million in private-contracting profits.

Those projects include beds, foster and therapeutic care and “secure care,” which refers to hiring security guards.

A department spokesman told the AP that HHS will award bids “based on the number of beds needed to provide appropriate care for minors in the program.” White Christian Private-Contractors are rolling in blood money.

The Trump administration's detention of immigrant children was thrown into the spotlight earlier this year as officials faced public outcry of unsanitary conditions, sexual molestation of children in detention centers solidified by a policy mil.spec deployed separating immigrant families at the border.

President Trump signed an executive order last month to end the policy, but DHS own HHS policies and nothing has changed.

The administration is has false flagged by working to reunite the separated immigrant children with their parents after a court ordered the government to do so.

HHS said in a court filing Friday that it had identified over 2,551 children who may have been separated from their families.

HHS officials said that it will not reunite all of the children with the people who accompanied them to the States.

"It is not, nor should it be, our objective to reunify over 2,551 minors children with the adult whom they arrived here with, because over 90% of those adults are not the children's parents, but who are criminals using the children that pose a clear danger to not only the children, but the United States as a single nation," the agency said in a statement.".

The real question is this!
What are they using these political prisoners for?
The detained children need nurturing and more abused lives.

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