U.S. Law-Enforcement Fears Most “Talon Universal Weapons Mount”

Published on Jan 24, 2017
Talon Universal Weapons Mount is shown here in this Promotional video showing the Talon in operation on land vehicles, boats, and helicopters.

TALON Gyro-Stabilized Weapon Mount

Paradigm SRP has developed a truly state of the art universal gyro-stabilized marksman platform known as the TALON. It is designed for precision shooting applications from moving
and stationary vehicles. Devised primarily for helicopter use,it is equally capable of working from ground vehicles, sea vessels, and in static emplacements. The TALON is the only unit of its kind capable of stabilizing and removing unwanted movement, which allows unprecedented accuracy for military and law enforcement applications.

What is Paradigm SRP About?

Paradigm SRP is a global provider of Defense products and solutions that exceed the varying needs of our customers in our ever changing world. Our flagship product is the Talon gyro-stabilized gun mount designed for military and law enforcement use.

Talon Universal Weapons Mount

Ground-breaking technology, built to keep you on target

Finally, you can obtain precise accuracy from any helicopter, watercraft, or vehicle, using your rifle and scope with our gyro-stabilized TALON platform system.

This pinpoint precision is achieved by incorporating state of the art mil-spec gyros, high speed servos, and advanced circuitry into a precision machined two axis turret. Our MEMS gyros send out digital attitude data to the high speed servo motors via a custom engineered and programmed circuit board. This allows stabilization correction solutions to be made thousands of times per second.

Talon White Paper

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 Talon Promotional Flyer with Technical Specifications

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