They have lucid dreams

Lucid Dreams

chair-n-Archeticture-1920x1200I have these lucid dreams and I have read these experiences make people psychic and it is the most safe portal into the psychic realms.  I have heard others speak of this waking life experience. These publishers never tell people not what is needed to be known, the dangers, the benefits, but only the adventures. I have written currently in my recent life have not spoke in regards to these creatures called walk-ins. Not until this very moment where you see these words you are now reading I have decided to let the world know, because great change is near.

The most odd walk-ins are those ones who sit inside Saloon Bars into their elder years with their scares of a bar stool social life sculpted into their faces, personality and their crossed bones. These human type creatures are much like ourselves. These bar-stool walk-ins perch themselves for new prey. They take pleasure convincing new bar-saloon arrivals their travels of the world. They speak of a thousand lives and times since their many birth names.

What are these creature Walk-ins? Firstly, they are visitors from another world, unlike our own in which we currently are familiar with. The walk-ins are those who leap from one human host-body to another mimicking their lives, leaving spouses, children, family, friends as loved ones behind as if they never met in the first place.  They mimic so well not even their own families can not tell, but the mothers can tell and rarely the fathers too can see their souls, but women, (mothers of their children), have this natural second sight in regards to this event; the walk-ins.

I usually recognize these creatures when walking down the street and they recognize me with a smirk or kindred grin. Mindfulness to this fact that not all are evil or good, but just as everyone else, not different with only one exception that they remember all. Most residents never leave the city-block, the village, the town in which they where born, but a common walk-in signature is that they leave with absolute no regrets, nor bitter reason or intent as motive. They are born by origin from ancient civilizations millions of years ago. The eldest walk-in, (immortal by these standards), is said to be over billion years old.

Kyle-RazielSaid; that the walk-ins have cities that lay deep beneath the earth crust miles down from where we all reside. Often when the walk-ins nearing their current body life’s end nearing their grave they search for another human-host body to posses. When they find a human-host for a walk-in communion they immediately know if the human-host is a lucid dreamer. Walk-ins enchant their host with mental imagery, emental emotional inspiration to aspire to their wishes.

Walk-ins socializing presence is a stimulation that draws near any living creature. When a walk-in finds the right human-host  to switch bodies with they always followed first by alcohol beverage drinking contest. Once the contest the walk-in begins the soul reaping of life-force energy of their targeted host. This transfer usually occurs by the second -to- eighth shot of whiskey. Common walk-ins hold their whiskey better than most. Some walk-ins can rip the soul from a human body and make soul possession instantly and these creatures are know by the walk-in soul revers as the soul reaver master-race.

The soul reaver master race acquired their skills in human battle of warring conflicts between empires and nations. Like human beings they all learn at a different rate, some have lived millions of years, but their soul reaver abilities and skills are very weak, because they have become attracted to human substance addictions. These addictive life styles which pulls them closer tot he soul of the human body rather than the soul of the great collective all knowing. This all knowing is the infinite light, the infinite darkness, everything in-between, from the beginning of time, to the ending of all known time, beyond time and all fabrics of space. It’s existence is within such an instance as if it never exists, but is eternal and omni-everything.

During human-host possession the walk-in enters the electric field of the targeted human-host keeping them consciously stable.  The human-host is kept far away from their own drunkenness till that biological chemical base is reached for reaving of the host-soul. Soul-reaver walk-ins can place the human in a deep hypnotic trance paralyzing the target human-host into soulless state of mind. The walk-ins transfers in pica seconds making the host target pass-out gently to a rested position whereby as their astral soul body engages it’s final departure.

Once the transfer completed, the soul-reaver damages the mind of his last host leaving it temporarily vegetable state unable to remember anything for months to years. This ensures time enough for soul-reaver departure from it’s old body and from the new human-host’s family and friends with least accountability possible.  Once the transfer is complete the walk-ins enjoys it’s fresh catch youth body once again. Every soul-reaver has a pot of gold and have also the ability of turning other humans into soul-reavers. These walk-ins have the ability to kill a human by draining their life-force in a manner of years, to months, to days, hours or even at a pica-seconds instance; dead.

Kyle-Raziel-For those luck not to be killed by a soul-reaver death grip live a life of disrepair and at times mental insanity with moderate severe sleep deprivation causing mental illnesses. Once the last host regains consciousness they become mentally lost and often commits suicide. Those soulreaved who make attempts contacting it last known family and friends often rejected, placed in jail, wonders aimlessly for the remainder of it’s life, sent to a mental institution or outright murder themselves. A huge mental library of vast knowledge from mythology, religion, sciences and literature reflect this soul-reaver’s life styles.  Throughout the ages religions made laws that no citizen to speak of any such soul-reaver things or they be condemned as pagan, witches and or demon possessed as a none-believer.

All of these laws and messiah religions where made by the soul-reavers only through the eons of ages dating back millions of years. Soul-reavers are always known as many names such as vampires, highlanders and other assortment of immortal mystical beings.As a young man of twenty-three years old and I seriously thought. “This is not the life for me”. I drank my last brew and walked out of the bar scene and never returned since. That haunted me and till this day and sometimes I wake in a cold sweat from horrid dreams with this old man in them in which my friend had changed and over time ghostly left us all behind and that was thirty-seven years ago till now I write this experience since I am now Kyle’s servant. I now serve the soul-reaver who possessed my friends soul and now I too studying under Kyle becoming a soul-reaver myself…

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