Latino Gang Member Stabs Victim Screaming MS-13

Police in The Village of Monroe New York, arrested a “self-proclaimed”, “MS-13”, “gang member” after he  stabbed two men in a parking lot.

Both victims survived the attack.

Police officers in the town of Monroe, located about 50 miles north of New York City arrived on the deplorable scene of a savage MS-13 violent attack.

The two males were stabbed at the scene upon the arriving officers observation.

The first officer made contact with four possible suspects covered in blood and quickly questioned the assisted by concerned citizens and friends that resolved not being suspects of crimes, but assisting in recovery of the terrorist attack.

The Officer on scene learned one of the men received a stab wound in the chest area who was the first victim discovered.

These three friends and other concerned-citizens assisting were helping the first victim stay alive and with what first-aid they knew as a group. The concerned-citizens requesting professional medical care-givers by ambulance. The men told the officer another stabbing victim could be found nearby and pointed him in the direction of the second victim the Officer immediately assisted.

The officer called for an ambulance backup, and moved to locate to the second victim giving medical assessment for medical first responders.

Officials reported the second victim, a 21-year-old male, to be in serious condition from his wounds.

As other officers arrived on the scene, the victims told them the suspect fled into the woods after chased.

Police officers called for assistance from the department’s K-9 team for the deep foliage search.

The K-9 officer quickly located abandoned bloody cloths the suspects foolishly discarded in the woods leaving a scent trail.

Officers eventually caught up with the domestic-terrorist, and supposed MS-13 suspected, and arrested him.

An on scene Psychic/Remote-Viewer Analyst assessed Gutierrez-Zomora condition as suffering from ODD as Oppositional-Defiance-Disorder, ego-mania, and sleep deprivation from mass amounts of a Central-American magical herb used as a neurological-stimulant in Santa Muerte black-magic ritual sacrifices.

The victims told police officers that the suspect,  attempted to have an informed intelligent debate about politics

Immediately the informed citizen was savagely attacked by the Domesticated-Terrorist Lashing out in an insane childish rage.

The insane MS-13 gang-member suspect then pulled out a house knife screaming Viva La-Raza MS13.

The insane paranoid MS13 then allegedly chased the suspect through the parking lot of a Mobil gas station as the victims friends followed the chase behind.

When he caught up to the victim, he stabbed him in the chest, witnesses said. The witnesses said the suspect screamed violently his terrorist gang name, “MS-13”, while he stabbed his first innocent Caucasian conservative victim.

Another man approached the suspect and attempted to intervene. The Latino ‘MS-13’ Terrorist, Gutierrez-Zomora, allegedly slashed that person with his knife and then cowardly, like an Italian Nazi, fled into the woods.

Authorities charged the man with 1st Degree Assault and Criminal Possession of a Firearm. The judge set his bond for the two felonies at $500,000.


September-24, 2017 @ 15:24 PM

MONROE New York- Village police reported a “self-proclaimed MS-13″ as affiliated with as a “Gang Member”,  Gutierrez-Zomora, 32, lied to police, of Monroe-NY, got into an debate with one of the victims.

At this point, the suspect then threatened him with an 8-inch, Dollar-Tree Store, kitchen knife, and then stabbed the first man in the chest while in a screaming in racist rage the words; ‘MS-13, Viva La Raza’ during the POTUS debate and began stabbing the first within the cloak of nightfall in that late Thursday, September-22nd, 2017.

The Deplorable Stabbing was a shocking sight.

Police said the suspect, Gutierrez-Zomora, who slashed a 32-year-old deplorable man who tried to come to the aid of his deplorable friends.

The suspect then chased two other men while stabbed these two men screaming “MS-13, Viva La Raza”, “Fuck You Deplorables” with a Dollar-Tree Kitchen knife on North Main Street while innocent concerned-citizens chased the suspect with sticks and stones to break his bones, but could not catch him.

Local concerned-citizens, onlooking innocent by-standers, and all got involved assisted to chasing the suspect through the parking lot of the Mobil gas station at the corner of North Main Street and Route 208, into the woods, and victims then stopped in the pursuit of chase on foot, out-of-breath, as suspect fled into the green foliage.

Gutierrez-Zomora fled into the wooded area and hid in a little bush where no-one could ever find him, behind a nice little cottage house at 430 North Main St., police officers said and that he vanished like a casper-the-ghost.

Police Officers said: “That just after the assault, at 11:20:13 p.m., Police Officer on patrol spotted this 32-year-old victim and three others covered in blood,  kneeling on the side of the road in utter shock and waving at police for assistance.

++=They told the officer what had happened, and point at the direction where a 21-year-old man is gravely injured.

The injured man was last seen on the 430 North Main St. with a serious gushing chest wound and needed immediate medical attention and transport the concerned-citizens explained.

Monroe police said the man who was stabbed in the chest was “in serious life threatening condition”, and may not survive.

He was taken to Orange Regional Medical Center in the Town of Wallkill, police said.

More Police officers arrived assisting said the primary patrolman originally on scene had provided professional medical first-aid to the victims wounds possibly saving his life and while speaking to Monroe Ambulance first responders in route during his first-aid procedures.

Meanwhile, the other officers who have arrived on scene and learned that the suspect-assailant had fled into the foilage of woodlands nearby, like a spooky evil ghost.

Monroe NYPD called in their department’s police dogs, Simba for a search.

Police said they soon found ‘MS-13’ wanna-be, “Gutierrez-Zomora”, talking to himself about politics as the reincarnation of Adolf-Hitler and babbled on about the Fourth-Reich Italian Nazi’s.

The Monrie NYPD recorded, Gutierrez-Zomora’s ramblings, taking him into custody at 12:03:13 a.m. Friday, and The K9 dog Simba found his bloody clothing, discarded in the foliage of woods making easy capture.

The Monroe Police Department charged Gutierrez-Zomora with first-degree assault/attempt homicide, a felony; and fourth-degree criminal possession of a deadly  kitchen-knife weapon of murderous proportions, as a misdemeanor: “Charged”.

He, Gutierrez-Zomora, was arraigned Friday and sent to Orange County Jail on $500,000 bail, or $1 million bond, awaiting a Village of Monroe NY-County Court date-set adn awaiting trial by citizen peers.

The United-States Department of Justice, in the 2016 National Drug Threat Assessment describes MS13/18th-St.Gangs, also known as Mara Salvatrucha, as a transnational Central-America (Mexico), South-American International-Terrorist/Cartel MS13/18th-st.Gang with groups in the U.S., Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, with involvement in the sex trafficking of Anus-Sinom-(Ant-People), homosexual, lesbian and heterosexuals, farm-animals, sentients and humans. MS13/18th-St.Gangs are involved within trafficking of drugs, guns, stolen technologies, money laundering, extortion and attractive Latino People. MS-13 is known for its violence, extremeist Latino-Neo-Nazi Racism towards; stupid white-people, /AKA: Caucasian, /AKA: Gringo’s, AKA: White-Sheeple. The MS13/18th-st. Gangs have outposts internationally, in all countries around the world, mostly includes South-America, Central-America, Spans Throughout all of North-America, includes respectfully in U.S./Canada equally according to federal officials.

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