10-27-2017 Kim-Jong-Um Documentary – Koreans Are Racist?

10-27-2017 Kim-Jong-Um Documentary – Koreans Are Racist

Inside Korea Documentary

The real question is, Koreans Are Racist, Dongseo University Prof. Brian Myers, whose book The Cleanest Race characterized North Korea’s racism -as_is, as a state founded on racial supremacy, racial nationalism.

With North and South Koreans, with Japanese and many other Asian cultures at the top of the countries list of their educational system, is nationalism.

North Korean Documentary?

Understand this, it’s a moral hierarchy of supremacy without much serious conviction of intellectual processes, let alone the Asian identity of physical superiority over other races.

Racist North Korean Pictures?

For all the loud professions of hostility towards Japan, the Japanese are considered the least foreign of foreign races that are the center stage of Asian self-identity as nationalist than any country on earth; is an educated guess and perspective.

 Asian Are The Least Racist and Are Not Authoritarian?

‘There still seems to be, as in Japan, a common nationalist sense of a certain racial hierarchy of Asian equal-access as their is in all Asian cultures of Asian equality.

Asian Are Least Racist on Planet Earth?

That theory of Asian Identity is found to be a real world example in sentiments expressed by Kim Mun-sang of the Korea Institute of Science and Technology when discussing the need for the new robot English teachers he’s involved in developing.

What Koreans Think of Black People?

In an interview with the Chronicle of Higher Education in February, he was quoted as saying that Caucasian prototypes would be operated remotely from the Philippines, ensuring the unethical, unclean, and ‘moral problems’ with non-Asian foreigners were kept at arm’s length not to pollute the Asian-Identity national image.

His perspective is that robots are viewed as servants and or slaves and this would be objected by all Asian cultures, but a Caucasian robot is widely excepted by Asian Identity Nationalism throughout Asian cultures and most logical.

Three Females Talk About Racism in Korea?

Dongseo University Prof. Brian Myers, it is not the question that Koreans Are Racist(?),
says the issue in the South needs to be viewed through two separate prisms:


Therefore, Koreans and Asians in general are racist, is just a description, and racism is just a word stealthing it’s origin, the real demon which is Xenophobia and which is the only actual self debilitating demon, not the deceptive wording and this is the direct result being propaganda.

Asians Are Not Racist, Are Not Nazi Nationalists!

Not knowing the origin of a self debilitating and unhealthy emotional behavior will lead to only ill health and never leads to proper self domestication as a species in the Asian-Identity image.”

Kim-Jong-Um Destroying U.S. Aircraft-Carrier

“Century-old racial nationalism and a much older xenophobia which is the core of all fears that always leads anti-social human behavior and also leads into anger, rage and is the core of all crimes; Zenophobia.

Donald Trump Vows To Totally Destroy N.Korea?


Kim-Jong-Um Destroying U.S. Aircraft-Carrier


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