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[ ISIS-U2War-Children-5 ]:  All characters are crisis actors and actresses payed for by global private security companies. Information here comes from multiple conspiracy hosts of many countless videos. All content in this article solidification is amateur science fictional-fiction. IIS-U2War-Children-Series have no basis on reality, enjoy this journey. The performing artists are from all four corners of the globe.

ISIS U2War Children.
[ ISIS-U2War-Children-5 ]:  Now Khabir have trained thousands of children, and men from all around the world enter middle east to fight the holy war. Most men and children are from Syrian and Yemenis. Remember this said most south, central, and norther-American boy and girls children are kidnapped everyday and used as suicide bombers, sex slaves and not one ever lives unless they are loved by their master which is rare or escape to a safe parts of middle east without being caught.
[ ISIS-U2War-Children-5 ]:  These children do see combat, some are saved from suicide bombing, many do not survive, those who do end up as suicide bombers or if lucky one of the soldiers take a liking to them then are trained further like as a adored sexual lover and or a brother, a relative family member with an ISIS twist, but this last mentioned is extremely rare. Children are often used for sex and then suicide bombing.
[ ISIS-U2War-Children-5 ]:  The children gathered throughout south, central,  and north America’s are boot-camp trained in an ISIS base situated throughout south, and central near the Mexico-U.S. border region 200 miles south.  The intelligence data gathered and resourced out to Judicial Watch have sources revealed training camps on and near the U.S.border. Many of the ISIS children are usually gang members, such as, MS13/18th st gangs. They crossing the border as children orphans with wealthy financier backing never questioned by BPC/DHS, because they often umbrellaed by these special interests. So, they are let through DHS border/customs with U.S.-sponsors, but end up dead often by rival gangs or end up as sleeper cells and lay waiting for orders.
[ ISIS-U2War-Children-5 ]:  Soon after the child makes way to a sanctuary city with sponsored issued cellphone and or prearranged location ,eet up then the child disappears into other training camps and sent over-seas as cub PMC’s and nearly all end up dead. Many times CBP/DHS have delivered MS13/18th St., gang members to adult gang members is common that are documented as rehabilitated gang members, but actually that have no rehabilitation papers, but the children are always handed off to a third party untraceable.
[ ISIS-U2War-Children-5 ]:  Then their are the other legal guardians that are common citizens where-by one day the child just disappears and it is all prearranged via cell-phone hand-off. These central/south American gangs are working with middle east terrorist organizations, such as, ISIS  and the children are sleeper agents many who are teenagers, others younger, but all remain in training. In the USA all these children are sexually abused and at times killed durring secret mission on U.S. soil via contract killings.

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