All characters are crisis actors and actresses payed for by global private security companies.
Information here comes from multiple conspiracy hosts of many countless videos.
All content in this article solidification is amateur science fictional-fiction.
IIS-U2War-Children-Series have no basis on reality, enjoy this journey.

The performing artists are from all four corners of the globe.

ISIS U2War Children.

ISIS Magazine DaiQ Issue #4

[ ISIS-U2War-Children-4 ]:   International drug traffickers help Islamic terrorists in many land based and sea based training facilities of operation stationed throughout Canada, north-America, Mexico central-America, south-America,  and globally.  ISIS/ISIL/Daesh is a Zionist Globalist Mercenary Army By-proxy via faith-based.  The Clerics are paid off, puppeted, own my international single governance corporations of Zion. ISIS/ISIL/Daesh  who cross U.S./Mexico borders into the United States and Canada.

[ ISIS-U2War-Children-4 ]:  The criminal elements cross border to explore targets for future mission operation attacks, drug trafficking, human trafficking, body organ trafficking and more according to information current public available forwarded to news agencies, such as “Judicial Watch”.   According to PMC and by a high-ranking DHS, (Homeland Security), officials dealing in a border state crimes and National Security Agency issues related to international crime many times work side by side in training operations and later being turned to serve defiant opposition groups.
[ ISIS-U2War-Children-4 ]:   There are mercenary schools throughout U.S. and Canada. Many Russian and Chinese, allies and non-allies train at these facilities. The first responder schools throughout all North America is remarkably safe until that switch is turned on. Many times these personnel are accompanied by private security military types mimicking students into first responder schooling. Remember, this core factor of border criminology that all nations have mercenary groups and some are labeled with acronyms and symbolized as terrorist groups.
[ ISIS-U2War-Children-4 ]:  Now remember, not only ISIS/ISIL/Daesh cross into U.S. Canadian borders so do other international terrorist groups and known organized crime groups from around the world. Everyone has their hands in the money Pandora box chancing becoming billionaires but only pre-elected few ever reach that level of grooming by opposition governments as insider pawns and all others regardless how smart always end up dead.
[ ISIS-U2War-Children-4 ]:   Among the jihadists, ISIS/ISIL/Daesh and many other organized criminal groups globally that travel back and forth through the porous southern, west, north and eastern U.S. Canadian borders and monitored by U.S. intelligences resolves only 2-5% of this criminal element(s). One particular character who is a trafficker this blog will focus on is from a Kuwaiti. His name is Shaykh Mahmood Omar Khabir, his is an ISIS operative who lives in the Mexican state of Chihuahua not far from El Paso, Texas and often during this investigation had traveled freely over the U.S. border.
[ ISIS-U2War-Children-4 ]:  Omar Khabir trained hundreds of thousands of mercenary fighters from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Yemen and around the world. He, Shaykh Mahmood, has lived in Mexico for more than a year, according to information provided by JW’s government sources and others interrogated in their dream states. Yes, PMC’s have high technology resources know as quantum technology that can merge a properly trained professional into another person’s dream state mimicking a lover, relative and or friend as for soft operation, training and interrogation.

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