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All characters are crisis actors and actresses payed for by global private security companies.
Information here comes from multiple conspiracy hosts of many countless videos.
All content in this article solidification is amateur science fictional-fiction.
IIS-U2War-Children-Series have no basis on reality, enjoy this journey.

The performing artists are from all four corners of the globe.

ISIS U2War Children.

[ ISIS-U2War-Children-3 ]: When researchers figured out that 95% of human trafficking mirrors criminology statistic like missing puzzles giving definition and resolving missing answers. These types of criminal organizations have a less-than 5% statistical margin of evidence proven U.S. murder of missing children 3-17 y/o for whatever reason. Older females above 21 y/o age have been used often as sex slaves. I must remind the readers that ISIS/ISIL/Daesh must never be singled out in regards to the finding. This is because this is an international trade market.

[ ISIS-U2War-Children-3 ]: All mafias from around the entire global shop for kids in USA for slaves in mostly in low poverty regions throughout USA. Again, this is not entirely an Islamic practice, because all countries shop in the United States trafficking children and majority of it is slave and or sex slave trading. Other times people want to save a child from abusive family and have the means to do this and are success and never get caught. SO, this is a ver low percentage of trafficking adults and children are make into family member siblings. Please do not blame Islam for all these events, because this would be a lie, thank you! Actually Islam is a much lower percentage than most.

[ ISIS-U2War-Children-3 ]: The other is kidnapped and children may at times be raised as their same-country kidnappers as their, and or with their immediate children. International kidnapping, human trafficking body parts of children is lucrative business. Human trafficking 3-17 y/o slave trade is a huge international business. 75%-95% of the children are used for body organ black market and 75% is the sex slave, servants and or foreign militia groups flavor of choice for children used as suicide bombers.

[ ISIS-U2War-Children-3 ]: Children who are recruited from willing family members who are also ISIS operatives and or field agents, or soldiers are the individuals who live longest and rarely made into suicide bombers unless parents betray Islam or individuals conspire towards family for whatever reason is common rivalry. Not often mentioned is that the boys are used as sex slave soldiers until soldiers feel no longer use for them and made into suicide bombers. Keep in mind this practice happens every year since the dawn of history children are abused like this; globally and in translation is that not only Islam have done this, because so have Christians and other faiths..

[ ISIS-U2War-Children-3 ]: These percentages are in constants flux in variations, but slave trade over-seas percentage is near sold. In order for the pmc’s and or federal agents to get a child back they have to pay for that child and worst is to kill those who have possession of any illegal trafficking minor can get the child killed instantly. This especially is the case with one-on-one first name basis soft-operations contacts, ( soft operations is making a business deal and interrogating terrorists without them knowing it in this specific case study ).

[ ISIS-U2War-Children-3 ]: They will hunt down families members, their kids and make them disappear indefinite and or commit suicide by suicide bombing. This is always an extremely bad idea until the state department decides otherwise going in for the kill. They rarely ever do a kill strike. Every country on planet earth is in bed doing business with what society calls criminals, Mafia, terrorists and the like since before and after every nation on earth in recorded history.

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