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All characters are crisis actors and actresses payed for by global private security companies.
Information here comes from multiple conspiracy hosts of many countless videos.
All content in this article solidification is amateur science fictional-fiction.
IIS-U2War-Children-Series have no basis on reality, enjoy this journey.

The performing artists are from all four corners of the globe.

ISIS U2War Children.

[ ISIS-U2War-Children-2 ]:   In my youtube research and blog-readings I found similar data as reads here. Interviewed and spoken to Cartel here in USA by many researchers, such as, in San Diego California, resolved where attached to a private-military and security company, pmc . These are known as borderless private-military-companies with international origins that are umbrellaed, at times, by the State Department and or by United Nations for special operations information acquisition and special mission operations within borders of U.S. is daily.  If I where to explain how  A.F.T..gov,  FBI, D.H.S. and other .gov agencies deal with situation like this via floating boots on the ground I would easily be labeled a conspiracy nut-case with ODD/PTSD, but this is reality behind upper law enforcement iron curtains. This includes ancient artifacts, technologies, precious metals, human trafficking and far more. It was not all illegal, but kind of was in some cases, but in others out-right insane like Martians on the Moon; metaphorical. The most horrid reality is the ISIS/ISIL/Daesh involvement with global human trafficking, including, of children being kidnapped and sent to be trained as “CUB-KHILAFAH” as child-ISIS-soldiers and eventually suicide bombers. This  is very loopy-crazy stuff, but all nations do this and not one is without involvement with exception of USA of course!

[ ISIS-U2War-Children-2 ]:   The human trafficking of human organs was the other half researched I always had a difficult times with, the images, and criminology films is a horror movie; an all time vertigo vomit. If a little boy and or little girl matched a blood/tissue type then they go to the human-meat-market for organ harvesting is done, next is indentured slavery and or servitude of children and lastly mercenaries with variations of uses, but mainly suicide bombers for the undesired.  Sounds like I am talking about another planet similar to planet earth does it not, true believe it is earth as-is referenced here. Next,  If any child matched a sex-slave order they where all sectioned for video taped profiling to point out sexual body style configurations size, texture and other desired features is common international practices. Any children who did not pass where sent off to ISIS/ISIL mercenary indoctrination schooling to separate the less intelligent children from the gifted ones, the weak children from the strong children and the lesser always received the bomb vests. After this testing and if they pass with high honors then they get enlisted into ISIS/ISIL Cub-Khilafah training to be soldiers and or destine leadership roles which is their long term goal(s). If they do not pass they are used as raw market slave trade or human shields, or cub suicide bomber training subjects.

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